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Every site within Sync has it's own individual page for management in addition to the Sync homepage. On this page you'll see all of the modules available to you based on various plugins or features you may have installed on that site. Currently, the default modules that you should always have are Manage Plugins, Manage Themes, and Sync Visibility.

These modules are meant to give you quick overview information for that feature of your site. For example, the Manage Plugins module will show plugins that need updating with the ability to update them right there. If there are no plugin updates needed, it will show your active plugins.

If the module is a new feature that we have added you'll see a "New" label on the module heading to let you know to check it out.


Module Sorting

We know that the way we order the modules may not be what is most efficient for you. We have provided the ability to drag/drop these modules into the order that you'd like. To do so, just click on the module heading and start dragging.


Module Pages

Since the site Overview page only provides you with basic information, we allowed each module to have its own page as well for more in depth actions. You can reach these pages from the sub-navigation right below your site title.

These pages will allow you to do much more with each module. For example, from the Manage Plugins module page you can selectively choose which plugins you'd like to update. And in the future you'll be able to activate, deactivate, delete or install plugins from this page.

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