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You can manually call Tipsy if you know the Group ID.

* pb_tipsy()
* Insert a Tipsy tooltip
* 		The defaults for the parameter $args are:
*		content - Default is an empty string - The content to show in the tooltip
*		group - Default is 0 - The Group ID (you can get this from the Tipsy settings)
*		filler - Default is an empty string - The text that people hover/click on to view the tooltip
*		use_oembed - Default is false - Whether you intend to use oembed to embed a video
* @param array $args Elements that make up a voting group to insert.
* @return Tip HTML on success */
<td id="accordion" align="left">
<?php echo pb_tipsy( array(
	'content' => 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfBsRc0R3Ps&hd=1',
	'filler' => 'Admin Dashboard',
	'group' => 1,
        'use_oembed' => true

) ); ?>

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