Granite-AboutI have been reading some really cool blogs lately whose authors seem to really enjoy what they do for a living. Many of them share their insights on how you can pursue your dream and make money at it as well. I have always dreamed about a few things I would love to do from a personal and professional standpoint. I have read great authors who have talked about following your passion or bliss – regardless if you get paid or not. But is this reality or a big pipe dream?

I wonder if this is just something that hits on the human heart and it a great way to sell your blog, books, or speaking engagements.

What about the responsibilities that one has to provide for the family or needs of others? How do you chase something that you dream about doing (and have wanted to do for years) and keep juggling the balls you must juggle in the air? Should you do what you love despite the cost or outcome?

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