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Replying to Structuring Shopping Experience

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Elise Alley

Posted 13 November 2014 - 02:34 PM

Hi droyer,

If you go into the settings for the Guest Checkout add-on (Exchange > Add-ons > Guest Checkout), you can set it so that Guest Checkout is the default option given when checking out.  There, you can also set it so that it removes the log in and/or registration links that would show beneath the Guest Checkout.  

Let us know if you have any additional questions.  




Posted 13 November 2014 - 02:14 PM


I am posting a quick reply to say that I agree with much of what Doug (douglamunyon) says about the shopping experience.

I am creating a website for a non-profit organization that has many elderly people in it. One prime concern of the website is to keep everything simple. If I use Exchange on this website, if someone wants to give a simple donation as a guest checkout, the process is a bit daunting. First, they see a long registration form. When they scroll down that page, they see multiple buttons, including the option for guest checkout. Once they click on that, there are more buttons, and they need to provide their email and click continue. Only then do they get the chance to pay. I think this process would scare off this group's population.

Since the super widget is not very easy to customize, I am checking out WooCommerce instead. I really hoped to use Exchange, and even bought the Pro Pack. However, Exchange will not easily meet our needs, and has caused a great amount of frustration already, so I am investigating other options.

I hope to see Exchange improve as it gets older. It has great promise, but still needs to mature a bit more.


Posted 27 February 2014 - 08:57 PM

Hi there, I just wanted to confirm this bug.. While testing purchases I was filling out the shipping address

1st time I went through and submitted and it told me I forgot to enter the state, which I thought was weird but possibly my mistake

2nd time I typed much slower and watched it, and the field actually cleared itself while I was halfway through typing the word

I clicked out of the field and then back in, and then it allowed me to fill in the full word

Elise Alley

Posted 26 February 2014 - 06:22 PM

Hi Doug,

I've reported this issue to the developers so that they can take a look at it.  As soon I have an update for you, I'll let you know.  




Posted 26 February 2014 - 08:00 AM

Quoting my client when they tried out the site:


Trying to register a tball player. I’m still running into issues. I’ve gotten to the billing address. When I put the address in, it keeps dropping out the State information (I’ve tried putting in CO and Colorado both) and then it empties all the boxes and asks me to fill it out completely again.


Posted 23 February 2014 - 06:17 PM

It has happened with all products. I was just testing checkout on Chrome and the state field did not work at all (from the get go).

Elise Alley

Posted 17 February 2014 - 06:38 PM

Hey Doug,

I'll pass this along to the developers so they can take a look.  Just to verify, when you go into any product after this happens, do you see the buttons?  Or is it just on that one product you don't see them after the error?  And does this happen if you leave the box empty on any product or just that one?  

Let me know and I'll pass it along!




Posted 16 February 2014 - 03:23 PM

Still a problem...

Billing Address

I accidentally left a field blank in the super widget billing address area. After the page refreshed telling me of my error, the automatic state selection field would no longer work and exchange keeps telling me I'm leaving something out.

I tried to start the process over, but when I got to the product page it did not show the choices for 'add to cart' and 'checkout' at all.


Posted 29 January 2014 - 08:56 PM

Thanks for sticking with me through my learning curve. Please accept my perspective as a chance for me to grow as a iThemes' customer, and for you to continue polishing your terrific products.

After I found this post about the filter to remove the 'Buy Now' button, things are coming together.

Now I am sticking with the 'Add To Cart' method and having shoppers make an account.

re: account registration page/form

When the shopper chooses to check out, the fields for registering appear. This new form area has no text explaining what is going on. Ex. Please fill out this information to register your account and complete the checkout process (or something much more poetic). I feel like shoppers need the reassurance that they are doing things right. If they choose checkout, and a bunch of form fields show up, I would anticipate some panic from low-tech users.

From the development aspect, it gets a bit challenging to try to mold templates for specific projects when there are so many 'moving parts'. For instance, if I want to modify things in the registration area, do I go to the template file, an element, or one of the loops? That is twelve php files that make up one form. But wait. I want to separate the register and log in buttons and add some text in that area. I can't find that part in any of those twelve files so that I can customize it.

Billing Address

I left a field blank in the super widget billing address area. After the page refreshed telling me of my error, the automatic state selection field would no longer work.

Checkout Page

It appears the checkout page template somehow pulls in the Stripe checkout button. I feel like the shopper needs some text in this area to let them know that the window that opens up is a secure connection. I realize it is in the shaded area on the outside of the credit card information. It just seems like being proactive with communicating regarding security is important. While on the subject, where would I find the template to customize what the Stripe window looks like?

Thanks again,

Elise Alley

Posted 28 January 2014 - 01:16 PM

Hey Doug,

Hopefully I can clear up any confusion you're having, though I'm not quite sure where the confusion lies.  The Exchange checkout process is very similar to any other you'd encounter.  It just remains on the product page (unless the customer chooses to View Cart).  You said you had testers that were confused; can you tell us specifically what confused them?  And you can always customize the purchase buttons and pages to better suit your needs.  

1. Shopper is looking at product page and expects 'Add To Cart' button.

There is an Add to Cart option, you just need to go into Exchange > Add-ons and enable the Multi-item Cart add-on.  Then they'll see both the Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons and have the option to buy the item immediately or add it to their cart and continue shopping.  

2. After 'Add To Cart', shopper is directed to Cart page with 'Continue Shopping' or 'Check Out' options.

Once they add it to the cart, they have the option to view their cart or go ahead and purchase.  This is actually pretty common.  There isn't a reason to be take to the cart page unless you plan on purchasing immediately.  If you're going to continue shopping, it's just one more page you have to back out of.  Take Best Buy, for example.  I click the button to add an item to my cart, a window opens and I can either close that window to continue shopping or move on to view my cart.  Even Wal-Mart is the same, a window is opened when I add the product to my cart, I'm not taken to a new page.  Same with Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.  

I'm not trying to overwhelm you with examples!  :)  I just want you to see that it's not so abnormal.  

3. Before choosing 'Check Out, shopper must create account.

This is the same in Exchange.  The customer clicks the button to purchase and they can either register, log in or (if you have it enabled) chose the Guest Checkout option.

4. After creating account, shopper can now 'Check Out'.

Because they've already created their account and have already hit the purchase button, they don't need to do so again.  Exchange will go ahead and ask for their Billing Information.

5. After choosing 'Check Out', shopper is sent to page to collect billing address and credit card information.

See previous answer

6. After submitting billing information, shopper verifies the order and billing information and then completes the transaction.

This is the same in Exchange.  Once they've entered their billing information, they'll have the opportunity to edit it prior to entering their credit card information (or going to PayPal, pay by check, etc.).  

So you see that the Exchange process isn't really any different than the "typical" checkout process.  Our goal is to make Exchange as user friendly as possible, both for the store owner and their customers.  

There isn't an option to hide the Shipping Address if one wasn't needed/provided.  If you want to remove it completely, however, you can go into /lib/templates/content-confirmation/loops/ and copy the transaction-meta.php file.  In that file, you'll see the following code:

<?php foreach( it_exchange_get_template_part_elements( 'content_confirmation', 'address_meta', array( 'billing-address', 'shipping-address' ) ) as $meta ) : ?>

You'll want to remove the 'shipping-address' portion, so it looks like this:

<?php foreach( it_exchange_get_template_part_elements( 'content_confirmation', 'address_meta', array( 'billing-address' ) ) as $meta ) : ?>

Then, in your theme you'll create the directory exchange/content-confirmation/loops/ and upload the file with your changes there.  Now the Shipping Address won't show on the confirmation page.  

You don't have to be selling Digital Downloads to have downloads.  If you are selling Memberships, there is an option to add a download file.  Same with the Simple Products product type.  

There is only one email receipt and sale notification email, so the emails won't vary based on product type.  I can add this as a feature request, but I don't have a timeline for if/when it would be added.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.



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Better, More Convenient, Private Support for Your iThemes Products Is Here.

We're moving support away from the forum and in to private tickets - Log In to Get Support Here

Note: any currently open support threads in the community forum will stay open while we resolve them.