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Replying to Hostmonster - Site Slow Randomly - Pingdom Waiting For Server?

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Posted 06 May 2014 - 03:36 AM

Bensite5, are you able to do the same checks on www.clairvoyant.co ?

I have a very long 'Waiting' time of about 5 seconds for the site to load, and I don't know why.

Posted 26 February 2014 - 12:53 PM

I've had a similar problem but it seems to go away after a day or two.  I believe it might have something to do with how often you go to your website.  if they see a lot of requests from the same ip i think they slow down the connection.


Posted 11 September 2013 - 03:10 AM

That is very odd!

I dug into some of the details and here is a short analysis...

I used Pingdom speed test to compare your site to my personal blog and other sites:

Your site per Pingdom tools has a load time of 9 seconds, 137 requests, and a page size of 2.7MB. 9 seconds is way too long as you pointed out.

The main problem I am seeing is under "Load Time Analysis" that your site is spending 64.81% of its time connecting, and that is a huge problem as connecting should be incredibly quick and the bulk of the time  spent receiving. And in comparing that to other sites it is incredibly high and seems to be responsible for most of that delay.

So why would this be happening?

The site has a ton of css and js file requests. Pingdom is reporting 25 css requests and 32 js calls, compared to every other site I tested that was extremely high.

Maybe all those file requests being made off one page are triggering the host to slow down responding, or hitting up against an IO limit. As the site is "waiting" for over 3 seconds which is crazy, and on the individual file there are a lot of delays due to connecting which is really really odd.

I don't want to jump to any conclusions with HostMonster, but have you contacted them to ask them and shown them the data and ask why there is such a delay on connect and long wait period?

Are you possibly hitting any CPU throttling points maybe? (You can check this in the dashboard)

They mention throttling might come into play if they see too many simultaneous connections, which might be triggered by the large number of css and js requests.

I hope that helps, please let me know what they say!
Thanks, Ben


Posted 10 September 2013 - 08:46 AM


I have a question that I thought the community might help with. I have a website hosted on Hostmonster (pro). Over the past few weeks the site load time gets outrageous (20 seconds or more). It's very random, Of course they have no idea :).

When I run a Pingdom test the first line has the domain, and then it waits for the server for 5 seconds or more and then the site takes about 2 seconds to load. I was wondering if anyone knows why it would be waiting for the server? Usually, when I have a plugin issue can see what is making it load so slowly. I don't know what "wait for server means" I have attached a screen shot.

Right now the site doesn't have a caching plugin at the moment. I don't want to throw a caching plugin unless needed.

The site was built with Builder and Builder plugins.

Any help would be great. This is really a last ditch effort to speed it up before moving the site to another host, with a VPS solution.


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