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Backupbuddy To Move Local To Dreamhost Server

Local dreamhost

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#1 Guest_Lamp Lemp_*

Guest_Lamp Lemp_*
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Posted 07 September 2013 - 10:46 PM

I want to buy Backupbuddy. But have a question. I am developing site locally. I want to move it to Dreamhost who offer one click word press installation including database. What I have read so far about Backupbuddy is that it moves all the wordpress installation. So what you are saying is that I do not have to create and use One click installation offered by Dreamhost. But the biggest advantage of Dreamhost one click installation is that it automatically upgrades wordpress whenever there is new version available. If I use Backupbuddy then how I am going to upgrade wordpress manually. Is this statement correct? Is there a way instead to move my locally developed site to Dreamhost where it will move my posts, pages, themes, plugins etc. without moving actual wordpress files created by Dreamhost during the wordpress installation?

#2 Jeremy Trask

Jeremy Trask


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Posted 09 September 2013 - 04:11 AM

Hi Lamp Lemp

Thanks for your enquiry concerning BackupBuddy.

When you migrate a site using BackupBuddy the migrated site is indeed a copy of the original site including the WordPress core installation.

I don't know specifically about the Dreamhost 1-Click installation but I can advise that an "automatic" upgrade of WordPress is not necessarily an advantage or a good thing. It is quite possible that theme or plugin(s) you use may not be compatible with an updated version of WordPress as it may be necessary for the theme/plugin to be updated if something changes in WordPress core and although developers of Premium plugins will normally be developing and testing against upcoming WordPress releases this may not be true of free theme/plugin developers and of course some free theme/plugins may not longer be actively maintained at all. So an "automatic" update of WordPress may well break your site.

By far the most common way to update a site when a WordPress core update is available is through the WordPress Dashboard in the same way as a theme or plugin might also be updated - and you can (should be able to) do that however a site has been installed. This gives you the opportunity to make sure that all your plugins are up to date and will be compatible with any WordPress core update _before_ you do the update so as to minimize the risk of your site breaking.

If you do use BackupBuddy then it is common for Customers to make a test version of their site where they test any WordPress core and/or plugin/theme updates or changes to make sure they do not break the site (or just to check whether changes have the desired look/effect) and if that is ok then go ahead and make the updates/changes on the lve site. The other approach is to take a backup of the live site and then make changes on the live site and if you break it then restore from the backup - of course you should always take a backup before making changes but the first approach has lower risk.

If you did want to use the Dreamhost 1-Click Installer and keep that WordPress installation then you _might_ be able to do as you require by copying over by ftp or similar your theme and plugins (or installing them directly on the live site) and any media uploads, etc. and then use a BackupBuddy Database Only backup to migrate the content and theme/plugin/core settings, etc. but that isn't a standard BackupBuddy supported workflow although you should be able to make it work if you have some WordPress knowledge and know about file copying, ownership and permissions, etc.

WordPress itself has export/import tools that can copy posts/pages/comments and stuff like that and can even pull across the related media files but it doesn't handle themes and plugins and all the related stuff stored in the database.


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