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Pre-Sale Questions On Builder

page speed customization responsive pre-sale

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Guest_Lynn Rasmussen_*
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Posted 24 February 2014 - 08:02 PM

Can you please tell me?
I have learned a couple things to look for when choosing a great theme.

1. Level of customization needed to get the design look and functions needed. Will I be able to do it or will I need a developer for things like adding buttons to headers and tweaking the page speed?

2. How well is this theme doing Responsive -meaning how does the reponsive update display on smartphones and tablet? I went to the showcase to find a live website. Found a couple that have switched their themes and then ended up at the forum. I found one:http://www.webmasseo.com/ that has a Mobile menu and a nice mobile look and feel. Some of the others seem like old sites (pre Reponsive update). Can you tell me if WebMasseo's menu was 'custom' or part of Builders code/interface.

3. Page Speed. http://www.webmasseo.com/ came up with a 'C' which is okay, I tested a couple of others and they were slower. This continues to be a common Responsive issue. Have your developers thought about including RESS into the equation?

I'm still evaluating Builder. It's looking promising. I realize that the Responsive aspect has been recently added, but I'd like some testimonials on how it's working for people and maybe some more examples.

Selecting a theme to build sites upon is like a marriage and since I feel like I've been 'married' far more times than I want to be, I'm trying my best to do better this time :)

Thanks -Lynn [img]https://ci6.googleusercontent.com/proxy/4ifL9GadjDCxWQujPeCr2z3FBmti29AA89uckwsCxNFntTq6MV6pEVkWoMMvLAUaceUVYXuNlMoWk2IeWBVE5HwES67oXXVDlNyNmjFt0H1zRM_EG_v5FBY2NXjPfDSIePPC7sIs6vcuJb_RzkP9wGstk3p_ROXJqLdbSnqrwrNuLJalzJW7aWo-djWf7n95emfSMq7VoAc6CiEEWvUGWHTovZedWJbUGAMbIbL0cwd2HRZg01nPG6J7M3Uxn-1ubboPnXQcOEVeJDbgJNs_e7ltlc1PLWxajLMFu8O7bckH5TFI6avhL-ryZI2qldu2S97kBxGHpJqy8gCwVMEICgsCmp4PwEzQ9CSguAWjr2vPaAh-8f6fc12K-ivDrb9Ki15d2Wp7LVI-Jtk=s0-d-e1-ft#http://sendgrid.ithemes.com/wf/open?upn=zxgg1V1rOEkx11H7u0uAg5KADxaL9DSzeQLq-2FfseVWQ6MAmoB2IZurn5slr4zgQEqx5B1r6h8nnxzL1NOZVVO-2F4VeFeibi8QnYRpZ4Hnwp3C5ogSHSj-2FVT4eCzzhQEuVCphZKxG-2Fm6YWNvNjCC774rV8uBJNnBFj-2FnkqxteZF-2FB-2FcjW-2FWcXtLXCybiBKyWYotIxsFEwx1wKgERZD5W0KnQ-3D-3D[/img]