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Pre Sales Questions

Pre sales

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#1 Guest_dacman_*

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Posted 25 March 2014 - 11:49 AM

I have been asked to take over a site which currently sells three hard copy books.
They want to continue selling these hard copy books online but now would like to add digital downloads. We are presently reviewing our requirements and thus far have listed the following requirements.
1. We will continue with hard copy deliveries and sales + carriage at checkout – site will need to handle physical and virtual product sales. We would like to be able to either package the digital download, either as a free, or fee paid, option to the online book sale.
2. We also sell hard copy through distribution. How could we offer the same digital download benefits to purchasers of books bought in a bookstore and administer proof of purchase
3. Digital copies may be sold as an annual subscription ie entitlement to updates foc during licensing period.
4. We would like to sell and track license keys Administer a database of license keys to moderate licensing and cross sell by way of mailshots to registered users
5. Integrity of the downloaded the software would be important to us via licensing/activation. We would like to consider the number of times a digital download may be downloaded and activated
6. Security of download location (can someone access through site map etc.) page locked via .htaccess
7. Licensing renewal automation by email and cancellation/expiry if required Possibly a fixed non-refundable period during which updates are available, with the product continuing to work without updates thereafter. “Doesn’t actually turn into a pumpkin at midnight.”
8. Discounts for ICC members with tokens or secure login As for the hard copy books
9. Discount coupons for non members (tokens…..) Time and number of tokens to be controllable
10. email requirement at purchase time to facilitate automated notification that update is available and also to compile mailing list for notification of new publications (ready made Customer list) and consider newsletter
11. full reports for licenses activation and renewal/expiry
12. Legalities Ditto, and lawyers
13. Consider social media to attract people to the site
14. Google Analytics, sales demographics etc. etc
15. Site optimisation and robust security of site, hidden back end, usernames, filechange monitoring, logins, backup strategy, reporting etc etc
16. Port to iPad or Android?
17. The next thing for consideration is the actual content of the download
format pdf or other type.
18. Download file size limitations
19. Links between websites to cross sell products
I have no doubt that we will have more requirements before we end up with a statement of acceptance with iccsailingbooks.com
I will be running wordpress on this site and would like to utilise Exchage. The obvious question is can we achieve the initial requirement of hard copy and digital download requirements as listed?
I am sure you have other sites which already utilise exchange to achieve this and would appreciate a reference to them in order to look at their functionality. I believe the existing site currently runs wordpress, Kassyopea theme with wordpress-e-commerce plugin. I would prefer to pull all in under the umbrella of a single cart checkout.



#2 Elise Alley

Elise Alley

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Posted 26 March 2014 - 04:51 PM

Hi D,

Thanks for your interest in Exchange.
  • With Exchange, you can create both physical and digital products. At this time, they are individual items only.  So, you can't have a digital downloaded included with a physical product, they'd have to be purchased individually.
  • I don't understand this question.  I guess it would depend on what the "benefits" are included with the physical purchase.
  • With the Recurring Payments add-on, you can create a digital product that they would either not have access to or would have to repurchase after a year.
  • There isn't a way in Exchange to generate an individual license key with each purchase.
  • In the Digital Download product, you can limit the number of times the customer can download the file(s).
  • You can use items in your Media Library or from an offsite location, like Amazon S3 or Dropbox.  The download link is a hash, so the customer does not see the path of the file.
  • With the Recurring Payments add-on, you can set the payments to recur automatically.  If you chose not to do that, the customer would have to come back to your site and repurchase the item; there isn't a way to do that through email.
  • You can create coupon codes and can limit them by number, by date or by product, but there isn't a way to limit them to specific customers.
  • See #8
  • When a user registers on your site with Exchange, they are required to provide an email address.
  • There is a Basic Reporting add-on built into Exchange which shows the number of sales for the day and month, but it does not show when memberships or products are expiring.
  • I'm not sure what you're asking for in this question.  :)
  • There isn't any integration with social media outlets and Exchange at this time.
  • There aren't any integrations with Google analytics at this time.  It has been discussed for future releases, but I don't have a timeline for if/when it will be added.
  • There is not a backup solution built into Exchange.  Security and backup solutions would need to be addressed separately.
  • I'm not sure what you're asking for here.  Can you be more specific?
  • You can use PDF for your downloads if you'd like, though it is not limited to PDFs.
  • There isn't a download limitation in Exchange, though there maybe with your server.
  • You can link to other sites, but there isn't a way to purchase items from multiple sites in one checkout process.
Hope this helps.  Let us know if you have any additional questions.



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