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Can Backupbuddy Help With This Blog Upgrade/migration?


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#1 Guest_KC_*

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Posted 19 May 2014 - 09:14 PM

I need to upgrade the wordpress version and install a new theme on my blog at sitea.com/blog/.

My development server is on another host and I'm wondering if I can use Backupbuddy to help with this?

My plan is to do a fresh install of WP on my dev server at siteb.com, import the existing blog's content via xml file, then install new theme. Once everything looks good, backup the site with Backupbuddy and restore it back to sitea.com/blog/.

My questions:

-can Backupbuddy handle migration/restore from siteb.com to sitea.com/blog/ (where wordpress install is in a subdirectory)?
-do I need to create a new database for the restore or can I use the existing one?
-is this the best way to use Backupbuddy to do this or is there a better way?

Thanks in advance for any input/suggestions!


#2 Jeremy Trask

Jeremy Trask


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Posted 20 May 2014 - 04:12 AM


Thanks for your interest in BackupBuddy. In answer to your specific questions:


-can Backupbuddy handle migration/restore from siteb.com to sitea.com/blog/ (where wordpress install is in a subdirectory)?
Yes (we would call this a migration).


-do I need to create a new database for the restore or can I use the existing one?
You can use the existing one if you require - either you drop (delete) all existing tables before starting the migration; or you specify a new unique table name prefix on migration so there will be no table name clashes; or during the migration you can request the migration tool to delete existing tables,


-is this the best way to use Backupbuddy to do this or is there a better way?
You could install BackupBuddy on your existing live site and migrate the site to your development server (your live site stays live of course) and then you have an exact copy of the site on which you can update update plugins and WordPress and then install your new theme and get that set up. If you have any problems you can start from scratch again by blowing away the development site and doing the migration again (with the same backup or a new one if you have any reason to do so).

Bear in mind that on your dev site, using your proposed process, you would have to install and configure WordPress to match your live site; install and configure all your plugins to match your live site; and then install and configure your new theme and then bring over all the content from the live site using the WordPress export/import including all the media files, etc. It can be done but it is quite labour intensive compared to a BackupBuddy migration.

If your updates go well you _might_ simply choose to replicate on your live site rather than migrating your updated dev site to the live server, i.e., the dev site can be used as a testbed to see if what problems might be encountered and how to overcome them.

However you choose to create your dev site I would recommend installing/migrating into the same directory structure - so if your live site is liveurl.com/blog/ with installation in a /blog subdirectory under public_html or whatever then replicate this for your dev site as devurl.com/blog/ unless you have a very specific reason not to. The reason for this is that some plugins/themes don't necessarily store their data in a way that is designed for the site to be moved or they make assumptions about how a site will be installed, e.g., they don't consider a site being installed in a subdirectory and then being moved to a "main" directory. This would be a problem however a migration is done, i.e., it requires additional steps to "fix" the data.

I hope the above provides the information you need to assess whether BackupBuddy and the Support that goes with it would be suitable for your requirements, thanks.


"Everything will be all right in the end. If it isn't all right yet then it isn't the end."

#3 Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 20 May 2014 - 09:58 AM

Hi Jeremy

Thanks so much for all the very helpful advice. I think I will go with the way you mentioned, makes a lot of sense.

One last question, my blog is currently at WP 3.1 - will the latest version of Backupbuddy work with that?

Thanks again!