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in progress

Pre-Stripe Use Question

error token passing

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#1 cdemerjian


    New Member

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Posted 31 August 2014 - 12:42 PM

I have a question about Exchange, Membership, and and Stripe. We currently have a site with MemberwingX and Authorize.net and are running into a major probem with this combo. The problem is that if a transaction is flagged for security, foreign, wrong address, etc etc, an admin has to go in and manually authorize the transaction. This is fine and expected behavior.

The problem arises with the token that gets passed back to the site goes poof, or at least there is nothing there to catch it. The site times out before the token is sent back and there seems to be no way to fix this. It is a big problem for a number of reasons and is the main reason we are exploring other options.

My question is, how does Exchange and Stripe handle this situation, IE a flagged, incomplete but otherwise correct transaction? (other countries don't have the same card verification codes is one of the main occurances) Does it allow the registration to go thorugh, hold it until manually completed by an admin, or make it go poof and we have to fix things manually later on both ends? This is a major PITA for us because we deal with a lot of foreign transactions that seem to get 100% flagged by Authorize because of things like no zip code and other headaches. If Stripe does not do this or even handles it significantly better, we would be happy to move over to it, but we don't want to change for little or no improvement.

Can anyone, iThemes people or just users, comment on how this works on Exchange and Stripe? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


#2 lewayotte


    iThemes Plugin Developer

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Posted 03 September 2014 - 09:59 AM

Hi Charlie,

I don't have the same level of experience dealing with international users purchases products via Stripe, but I did develop the Membership, Recurring Payments, and Stripe add-ons. So I'm very familiar with them. In Stripe, you can actually set your level of authentication that you want Stripe to use before accepting or denying card payments (http://l3w.us/i/abfc9c.png). We don't have support for the address verification yet, because we don't pass that information to the Stripe checkout (but it'd be pretty easy to add via one of our many filters in the Stripe add-on). Most customers seem to be fine with the built-in CVC verification that Stripe does (if they have it enabled).

Now, this is what happens, a customer comes to your site, they add a product to their cart, they pay via Stripe. At this point, Stripe either accepts or rejects the payment. I have never seen a case where Stripe required a second step of authentication by the store owner.

I hope that helps!

#3 cdemerjian


    New Member

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Posted 03 September 2014 - 10:18 AM

Thanks for your answer, but no it doesn't. I guess the short way to answer it is, if Stripe holds a transaction for manual verification by the merchant, how does Exchange/Stripe plugin deal with that situation?  guess if I can get the other critical problem with Membership dealt with, I will try it and find out. If I get an answer, I will try and report back my findings.


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