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Problems With My Member Panel Listings

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#1 Richard Farina

Richard Farina

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Posted 09 January 2010 - 06:16 AM

My name is Rich Farina and today upon log in of my Member Panel, I saw that my Subscriptions section no longer listed my Flexx Package I purchased on 6/22/09.  Further, it says that my accees to this has expired on 1/4/2010.
How stupid is this?  I purchased this product and now you arbitrarily delete it from my list of downloadable purchases un the Subscription section?
I was un aware that any of my purchases had a time limit on them.
What's the issue here?
Rich Farina

#2 Ronald


    Forum Admin

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Posted 10 January 2010 - 09:23 AM

Hi Rich,
please contact sales@ithemes.com, I'm sure this is just a glitch in the membership software, and they will be able to resolve this.
This also applies.

Join the iThemes Builder Community on Google+.

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When asking your question/posting your request on the forum, please be as concise and specific as possible. The shorter your request, the more to the point, the more specific, the easier it will be for us to try and help out.

#3 Richard Farina

Richard Farina

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Posted 10 January 2010 - 10:03 AM

Ron, I read the thread you referred me to.  I think this is BULLSHIT since I was NOT notified that this was going to happen.  So basically, when you guys have issues with your themes because Wordpress changes, we have to pay for it.
I totally object to your "fine print"!
Now I wish I would have never gotten involved with ithemes.com.

Further, after checking into this, I originally purchased my Flexx Theme Package on 1/4/09.  AND according to your "new policy", which clearly states...

"Currently, we will honor all previous commitments to our clients who purchased products before May 2009 which includes lifetime support and upgrades for no charge.", this should more then cover this issue.

What crap!

Edited by Richard Farina, 10 January 2010 - 09:12 AM.

#4 Cory Miller

Cory Miller

    iThemes CEO

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Posted 10 January 2010 - 09:44 PM

Mr. Farina, first and foremost I need to address one huge, glaring issue here ... you will NEVER be allowed to be so abusive or use such language in our community forum or anywhere on our sites, in particular toward any member of our team. (It will be edited, but also left to demonstrate how you have responded.)
Let me repeat this .... because of your EXTREMELY COMBATIVE AND ABUSIVE behavior here (after we've not been able to adequately respond and research everything, which could have been remedied if you'd been patient and allowed us to look into it when we're back in the office on Monday), we will NOT be going forward with ANYTHING until you have apologized publicly here for this conduct and promise NEVER to do that again.
I will be glad to respond to you privately AFTER you have done so. But this behavior will NEVER EVER EVER be tolerated here and must immediately be corrected before we take any other next steps.
I cannot imagine you going into any retail store and saying what you have here and not expect consequences as I've put before you.
After you have publicly correct this behavior here ... you are welcome to email me to work out next steps.

If you do not ... you will be immediately and forever banned from this site. There will be no discussion beyond this.

To our customer community and prospective customers---
I wholeheartedly apologize for exposing you to this kind of outburst and language. Over 2 years of doing business, we've consistently given more value than customers bargained for .... I sleep extremely well at night knowing we build excellent products and support ....and judging from the comments, emails and posts the overwhelming majority of you feel the same way.
As a response to you in Mr. Farina's case .... I would like to demonstrate how we've supported him in the past and thus why I am outraged at his unreasonable and abusive response toward us IN PARTICULAR based on how we've helped him as a customer.
In this post alone, you can see how he's responded Ronald in the past with support we've given him ....


Thanks for your help.  Folks just can't appreciate all the work you all at iThemes have done to shorten our "learning curve" and make us "look good".  Five years ago, doing stuff like this and this quickly would have been nearly impossible.I know I truly appreciate all the hard work from iThemes and I know I'll appreciate all the future stuff you guys develop and present to us online.
You can see Mr. Farina's profile and the more than 50 posts he's made and how we helped him through this entire process ....

Because he decided to do this publicly I felt it was entirely in my best judgment to give a public response.
Based on these examples and the above forum post, I'll let you come to your own judgments about this case if you have any questions.

But please know ... this type of behavior will never be tolerated here. Our team works hard -- REALLY REALLY hard -- to give our best to you, our customer community .... when we get this type of response, it infuriates me ... and my promise to our team and community is that I will NEVER allow it to happen.
We love you .... we love what we do ... but this is unacceptable.
For the thousands of you who are satisified with what you've received here, and show your support with your money, I thank you. We are commited to you.

The lesson learned here too is that .... being unreasonable will never get you anywhere.
Being nice and patient will get you wonders. Fact.

Founder, iThemes.com
Making web design fun and easy since 2008

Please don't PM me but you can email me at cory@ithemes.com

#5 Richard Farina

Richard Farina

    Advanced Member

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 11:23 AM

Cory, Ron, and all here at the iThemes.com Support Forum,
If you feel I have been out-of-line in my post where I reacted to Ron's answer, then I apologize.  Frankly, Ron has been nothing but a great support ot me in using your iThemes products.  I believe, and still recommend, your porducts to all I meet.
Personally, I just don't like "game changes" without being notified, and having my download access to my Flexx Theme Package I purchased last January denied "automatically" sends a bad signal to me as this is not the way I conduct my multi-million dollar business.
It is NOT the money, you understand, but rather the principle of the matter.  I never received any notification that after May 2009, I would be expected to renew a subscription of sorts to continue to be able to download the products I've purchased.  It's like buying something and later finding out that in order to keep what you've purchased, you have to continue to buy again each year.  Frankly, I would have rather that be told to me upfront at the time of purchase and then allow me to make the ultimate decision of whether it makes "good sense" for me to make the purchase along with the support and updates.  This whole issue really comes down to my perception of what I call a "game change".
I've been in the internet game a long time.  I make a lot of money helping folks harness the power they have in selling what they know... their "smarts" so to speak.  I've seen dot com companies come and go because of "game changes".  Perhaps you realized that you were giving way too much help and support for the little we pay for your great products.  Maybe you felt you should be paid more for all that you give us not only in your products, but also in your support.  I don't know what exactly prompted you to make this change in your "lifetime upgrade and support policy", but I think it is fair to everyone here that they know EXACTLY what they are buying when they buy it and what they must do NOW when they purchase an iThemes.com product.
So, again, if you think my remarks were abusive and combative, then accordingly you can continue to believe this and so I can continue to have access to the products I've already purchased, I guess I must apologize.
iThemes is your business and you have the right to work with whom you want to work with.  Guess in this case, since you hold the chocolate bar and I'm the trick-or-treater, I have to go along with any way you deem fit to offer your products and support.
Rich FarinaTo discuss this further, my Direct Contact is: 215-208-9828.  I'm happy to discuss this with anyone <span style="text-decoration: underline;">directly</span>.

#6 Cory Miller

Cory Miller

    iThemes CEO

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 02:35 PM

Mr. Farina, I appreciate this reply and apology. I will send you a private message to work out the next steps.
This last message that included the apology is the one that I am MORE THAN happy to work out with you, and wish it had started this way.
Removing the abusive behavior allows us to hear your thoughts, acknowledge they are valid and work to remedy your dissatisfaction with our policy.
Now ... let's continue this conversation in private and work out a win-win.

Founder, iThemes.com
Making web design fun and easy since 2008

Please don't PM me but you can email me at cory@ithemes.com