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Recent additions to your iThemes team

Sexy Bookmarks and Builder

Styling ContactBuddy Using Extensions

Tweak your Login page

BackupBuddy Settings explained - Enable ZIP compression

Add featured Posts images to your posts

Different backgrounds for content and sidebar in Builder

WordPress Developer Course Coming in May

Full width (100% wide background) modules in Builder

Inserting an expiring Amazon S3 link

WordPress 3.1.2 Released

Latest Themes

Latest Plugins

Upcoming WebDesign events

Welcome to issue #1 of the iTips newsletter
iTips We've asked for your input, and your response was overwhelming, so here it is, the first issue of the iThemes iTips newsletter. You will find a collection of existing and new articles, tips, tricks and hints related to iThemes, PluginBuddy and and WordPress in general. We hope you enjoy this newsletter, and we're always open for suggestions on content and improvements; send your questions, remarks and recommendations to

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Recent additions to your iThemes team
iThemes In 2011, the iThemes team has grown to a total of 14 people, we'd like to introduce the latest team members. Ronald Huereca is our new plugin developer and Jeremy Trask is our reliable BackupBuddy support forum moderator. Cody Smith and Justin Kopepasah have enriched the iThemes and Builder design and developers crew. Meet the entire team »

Sexy Bookmarks and Builder
Builder In Builder, the Sexy Bookmarks Plugin tends to show up everywhere, below widget bar modules, in widget bar modules. If you want it to appear only on the index page, follow these instructions »

Styling ContactBuddy Using iThemes Builder Extensions
PluginBuddy One of the unique features of iThemes Builder is the ability to add extensions that allow you to expand and customize your theme quickly. We all know that ContactBuddy looks kind of plain and simple, but custom styles can be added quickly with a simple file upload and a few clicks of a button. Read more »

Tweak your login page
WebDesign how to adjust the link that is associated with the logo on the login page, how to change the name that appears on the login page, and how to modify the graphical image that displays on the login page. Read more »

BackupBuddy Settings Explained - Enable ZIP Compression
PluginBuddy When BackupBuddy creates a backup file this is always created as a ZIP archive format file. Whether or not the files that are included in the archive are compressed in size is an option and this setting enables you to choose whether or not files will be compressed when stored within the archive. Read more »

Add featured Posts images to your posts automatically
iThemes Featured images are integrated in the Write Post and Write Page panel. Not all WordPress themes make use of these fields by default, here are instructions on how you can add Featured Images to your posts and pages with only a modification to your functions.php file, and some basic styling using css. Read more »

Different backgrounds for content and sidebar in Builder
Builder A step by step guide and video tutorial showing you how to establish different background colours for your sidebar and content, extending all the way to the footer. Read more »

WordPress Developer Course starting May 11 The premier developer focused course from is coming to a computer near you on May 11-14. This four day intensive and interactive course teaches attendees how to maximize the usage of WordPress as the backbone for all web development projects. The comprehensive nature of the live course is designed to provide developers with all the tools necessary to build rock solid sites. The WordPress Developer Course will take place live online over the space of four days. Read all about it, sign up while you can ».

How to have full width (100% wide background) modules in Builder
Builder Make your Builder modules full width, regardless of the site width specified. Step by step instructions for each module. Read more ».

Inserting an expiring Amazon S3 link into a post or page
PluginBuddy Here's a simple plugin, called PluginBuddy S3 URLs, that allows you to easily insert Amazon S3 expiring links into a post or page via a shortcode button. Download ».

WordPress 3.1.2 Released
WordPress A security update has just been released for WordPress. It is highly recommended you update your sites, download the latest version or upgrade automatically using your WordPress dashboard.

Latest (Child) Theme Releases
iThemes Lucky 7, comes in 7 colours
Covert, the 30th Builder child theme!

Latest Plugin Releases
PluginBuddy Thumbs up
PluginBuddy S3 URLs
And remember, you can always submit your suggestions for plugins here

Upcoming WebDesign events
WebDesign Starting May 11: 4 day WordPress Developer Course, the big one!
May 16: Builder Basics - Free!

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