WLM Session 3: Notes

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Talking about themes …

  • Don’t protect your category archives
  • Images from Fotolia (and I suggest iStockPhoto) – buy one month membership and download all your niche specific photos in that month
  • Featured Images script is good to showcase images for a post — put your best stuff in those featured image spots
  • Put quick links to most important parts of your site — be sure to create a Dashboard or Quick Links page and make that your after-login redirect!

Plugins for easy navigation

  • Page Links To
  • Page Link Manager, Page Mash
  • Restore ID
  • Upcoming Posts
  • Simple Sidebar Navigation
  • KB Countdown widget
  • Flexi Pages widget
  • Sliding Panel – loves it
  • Widget Logic
  • TS Custom Widgets

Announced WishList Widget — display widgets based on membership level

Create a different Dashboard for each membership level

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WLM Session 2: Notes

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  • Uses Amazon S3 to host and organize video content (Tracy)
  • Lead with content – that’s what draws people in (Stu)
  • Break video into two parts … part 1 is overview and teaser; part 2 is main protect content (Stu)
  • Use Full Page template to help display video better (Tracy)
  • Create content that’s delivered over a period of timeĀ  – preview content like the TV show “24″ (Stu)
  • Organization is key for content – make it easy for them to find your content (Stu)
  • Flip cam is option 1 – big problem is audio isn’t as good; but option 2 is Kodak ZI8 because it has an audio input for a boom mic (they use an Audio Technica boom mic ATR6550 for around $60)
  • Azden lavalier mic
  • Recomends wired mics from than wireless – wired will pick up better quality – AudioTechnica wired mics ATR3350
  • M Audio Micro Track – wonderful for recording high-quality MP3s – for interviews, plug both mics w/ 2 inputs and have high-quality audio coming in (don’t buy from eBay – buy new)
  • They fit all their audio/video equipment basically into 1-2 suitcases
  • Programmer is working on a Drip plugin to be able to drip content to your membership – #cool
  • Starting a Support Show – support guys doing video to talk about most common support questions
  • Talked to Gary V and he told them, “Nothing connects better with people than video”
  • Used for video sharing – you can set private settings, which is good for membership sites
  • Tracy has great plugin for video called FLV Producer
  • Suggested Plugins: Download Monitor and Audit Trail (love to see it more user-friendly)
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Stu McLaren: Session 1

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Here’s some highlights from Stu McLaren’s introduction talk on membership sites ….

  • “People come for content, but stay for community”
  • Give people homework, something they can take action on
  • Teach, then teach again, then review – on communicating, repetition is key (he walked this talk!)
  • “Automate, automate, automate” – you want to go on vacation, so start a content calendar and automate and delegate so you can!
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What Is WLM Live

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WLM Live is a one-day event from the producers of the awesome WordPress premium plugin WishList Member.

James Dalman and I from iThemes are at this event to meet with Stu McLaren and Tracy Childers (WLM producers) and great customers like Christina Hills and Voss Graham.

We’re tweeting the event at the #wlmlive hashtag on Twitter … and will be posting cool quotes and tips from the event here.

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