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Three Reasons to Use Blogs for Internet Marketing

This is a guest post by Ryan Imel of Theme Playground.

Here are three reasons to use blogs for marketing your business:

1. Blogs are Communiciations 2.0

According to Seth Godin, all marketers are liars. In that case, even more fundamentally, all marketers are communicators. After all, you can’t lie without communicating.

The best way to be sure that your message is communicated is to use every method at your disposal. In today’s era of communication, there are a number available, but only a few which are effective on a budget.

And the primary argument for internet marketers using blogs is that blogging is the latest upgrade in communication technology, especially for the price. Major networks and industry leaders have been using blogs for some time now, which means it’s time to run up and haul yourself onto that bandwagon – especially before it becomes yesterday’s news!

2. Blogs have Quantifiable Results

One of the most important parts of a business is its market validation. The very real and quantifiable statistics your blog will give you can be perfect for this. Some of the statistics you could grab and use in a plan and/or a presentation are:

  • Unique visits – the number of individuals who view your blog in a month’s time
  • Bounce rate – this could be good or bad, depending on the percentage. Low is good, high is bad. This number shows the percentage of readers who leave your site after visiting.
  • RSS Subscribers – those who get your updates daily

To be sure you are getting the best statistics on your site you can get, be sure to sign up for Google Analytics, and then see How to Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress Blog.

3. Blogs are Where Your Customers Are

No matter what, marketers need to be where their audience is. And now, anymore, the audience is online. One of the primary resources of information for the average joe just so happens to be blogs. So wouldn’t it make sense that marketers should be blogging? If you want your message to be heard, get over there and speak so you can be heard.

Alright, enough postponing. Get out there and get started.



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