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Local Search Is What Matters

by Kevin D. Hendricks

For many businesses, local search engine marketing is all that matters. You may want a site on the world wide web, but if you’re a plumber in Wichita, a framer in Charlotte or a real estate agent in Boise you’re probably more interested in getting local people to your site than then entire world.

We could all use worldwide exposure, but when your customers are local they need to be able to find you locally, even on the Internet. And that means optimizing for local searches.

Search Engine Optimization
The first step is to tackle search engine optimization from a local perspective. To bring in local customers you need local keywords. The name of your city, county and surrounding area should all be keywords. Your goal is to be the top result when people search for “Wichita plumber” or “Charlotte frames” or “Boise real estate agent.”

Local Listings
Next you need to make sure you’re listed locally. Check various listing services like Google Maps and online yellow pages to make sure you’re listed and your info is accurate. A listing in Google Maps is free and the top local results will often be displayed first in a local search.

Easier Than You Think
Attracting local attention to your website can be easier than you think, especially when you use an SEO-friendly solution like WordPress and well-designed themes. There’s often not a lot of competition for specific local search results, especially in smaller metros. A plumber, framer or real estate agent can score big for being first in local search results.


  1. Think what Wikipedia did to printed encyclopedia, now see what sites like our Brownbook.net (http://www.brownbook.net) are doing to the traditional directory marketplace.

    Its frustrating for small business owners to jump through hoops to get listed in directories, but The Brownbook.net lets them do it instantly and for free – oh yes, and update their listings at any time.

    What you say about SEO in thsi way is true, see out findings here:

  2. Great post! And now Google Places is the hot local place to be. I can’t believe how much customization they let you do to it once you claim it as your own. Pictures, videos, store hours, a map, directions, your web address, reviews, coupons, etc.

    Plus they email you a report once a month as to how many people viewed it, how many clicked through, and the top keywords and referrers. Amazing how much you get for free from Google!



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