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Case Study: Using iThemes’ Ecommerce Theme

This case study was written by Tim McGuiness, an iThemes customer who purchased the Ecommerce Theme.

In April, I was surfing the internet and was intrigued to hear about a new WordPress theme for ecommerce from EcommerceThemes.com. I wondered if it might work on a side project of mine that had stalled.

Since January, I’ve been taking Oprah-recommended superfood suplements and they’ve worked well for me – along with changing my diet, they’ve helped me lose weight and improve my energy levels.

I was attempting to sell them online with e-junkie and WordPress. But it was hardly worth the trouble.

I was frustrated and about to give up when I decided to try Cory’s theme. I’m glad I did.

Almost immediately, things got better and better. Recently, I’ve been getting multiple sales every day. It’s been fun!

If you are looking for a inexpensive, easy and effective way to sell products online, try it!

Here are the 5 things I like the most about using this theme:

  1. It was fast to set up. I’m familiar with WordPress so that may have saved me some time and the video turtorials were GREAT! I was able to get my site up in about 3 hours and some of that time was spent playing around or tweaking product images. When I built a Yahoo Store, it took over 25 hours to be up andrunning.
  2. Inexpensive. My total start up costs were $49 for the theme, $5/month for e-junkie and about $7/month for my hosting. That was it!!! I made my initial investment back in the first week.
  3. Easy. I’ve built ecommerce site on Zoovy, Yahoo Stores, Monster Commerce, Shopify and Volusion. The Ecommerce Themes/e-junkie combo was the easiest to set up. Of course, those solutions have far more features and flexibility, but this works perfectly for what I’m doing.
  4. SEO Friendly. I know Google loves WordPress, but I was amazed that my new domain got an order the first day from a long-tail Google search. Since then, I’ve shot up the Google rankings and have been as high as #3 for my main keyword. Since the site is still new, it’s ranking fluctuates and spends time on page 2 as well as page 1. I expect that it will solidify itself on page 1 before long. The theme plays nicely with the All-in-One SEO plug in which I recommend.
  5. High Conversion Rate. My simple site looks professional and the product pages give people confidence to play orders with me. My conversion rate is about triple what it was with a generic WordPress theme and e-junkie.

The theme might not be for everyone, however. Since you have to load all the product by hand in WordPress and e-junkie, it might be a bit much if you have 100’s or 100’s of products.

There are a couple of I would like to change about the theme. I would like to have the “Featured Products” section only show up on the home page and to have the ability to use that section for unique content on the category pages. I think this would be an improvement from a SEO and conversion perspective.

Overall, I am really impressed. EcommerceThemes.com, WordPress and e-junkie.com combo makes it easy, inexpesive and fun to make an ecommerce site that really sells.

If you have something you’ve wanted to sell online, I say GO FOR IT!

If you have any questions, I would happy to try to answer them. You can reach me, Tim McGuiness, at support@orovoweightloss.com.

Check out iThemes’ Ecommerce WordPress Themes at EcommerceThemes.com



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