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Viz | Biz Portfolio WordPress Theme is Here

Viz | Biz, our premium photo gallery and portfolio WordPress theme, has been in development for well over 3 months now.

We asked Brian White of Solomultimedia to design a theme specifically for photographers, graphic designers and web designers who want to display their creative work online, using their own custom domain name, through the power and flexibility of WordPress.

This is ideal for those wanting to not only showcase their work, but also market their services (think portrait or wedding photographers, or designers wanting a resume site), as well as have a typical text blog too.

The theme includes:

  • Custom logo uploader to replace the standard graphic with your own unique look from the WP Dashboard
  • Integrated blog component (front images are custom fields and thumbnails, but you can also have a typical blog)
  • Four tabbed feature areas (About Me, Services, Recent Posts, and Tags)
  • Two home page feature photos (You choose which photos to feature using a WP category)

Test drive the Portfolio Theme here | Get purchase details here



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