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WordPress 2.6: Yes, iThemes Are Compatible!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions by email and in our support forums to see if our themes are compatible with the newly recently version of WordPress — 2.6.

YES! They are … in fact, we’ve just updated our demo sites!

According to Matt, in the official WP release post, “2.6 is pretty much identical to 2.5 from a plugin and theme compatibility point of view, so upgrades from 2.5 should be pretty painless.”

By the way, if you want to upgrade and need a fast, easy way to do that, check out the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin … that’s how we’ve updated all our demo sites in about 20 minutes.

Another question: Will we update theme with WordPress updates?

We also get the question often wanting to know if we’ll continue to keep themes updated with WordPress.

The answer to that is: “Yes, we will … for the life of the theme.” Obviously, some themes will be retired at some point. But as long as the themes are active and being sold, we’ll keep them updated …

Customers will get new updates emailed to them at the email address where they purchased.

If you missed an update for some reason, please just email us with the PayPal email address used (or better yet, your receipt) and we’ll get it shipped to you ASAP!



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