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Building a Pet Online Store with the Ecommerce Theme

One of our Theme Club developers Eve Jackson emailed to let me know how our Ecommerce Theme was being used for one of her clients – a pet supplies shop called Daisy’s Pet Supplies.

Here’s what she said in her email: “Nothing beats an iTheme theme in my books!! I’ve learned a lot about WordPress from you guys.”

We love to see our themes being used like this in ways that helps our customers and their clients, so be sure to let us know of your beautiful work. In the near future, we’ll be starting a Design Gallery to showcase work like this based on our themes.

P.S. — Go check out the Ecommerce Theme here and see how Eve took our base theme and made it so unique and appropriate for her client.


  1. These are good examples of what an online shopping site should look like. I don’t own any online store, but since i am one of their avid clients i must say that i prefer the simple,clean looking ones, where i can find and buy what i need fast enough. I chase for many cheap stuff online, but a site which is too congested makes me lose interest.



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