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Google Analytics for WordPress: Easily Installing Statistics Tracking

Google Analytics is a free online service for tracking your website statistics. It’s one of my favorites that I use on every website or blog I build.

Your site’s traffic is important if you are using it as a marketing tool for your business. You should be tracking how many unique visitors and pageviews you get a day. And more importantly, how that traffic is converting — or achieving your goals and objectives.

You can see what keywords people are using to find your site. Where people are coming from. And lots more.

To use Google Analytics, or other web statistics programs (like Woopra), you typically have to install tracking code into your theme, usually in your header or footer file, which looks like this:

I’m delighted to say that every new iThemes WP theme now includes a handy Tracking Code easy install box on the Theme Options page inside WordPress.

It looks like this:

All you have to do is copy and paste the code you get from Google Analytics into this box and click Save Options. Done!

See these resources about site statistics also:

Still wanna do it the manual way?

  • Go to Design / Theme Editor and find the header.php or footer.php file (I use the footer).
  • Then paste your code above the < / body > code
  • Update that theme file
  • Done!


  1. Cory, what a GREAT little feature that you’ve decided to build into all your themes! – For someone who isn’t quite sure what to do when it comes to installing the tracking code, then it really does make things 10 times easier.

    While I can manage to do that myself, there’s still a lot to learn yet about the way WordPress works exactly, and other things. (You can almost say that I enjoy ‘messing’ with WP themes in my spare time, if I happen to have any!)

    …But again, what a SIMPLE feature you have created. It could clinch you the sale, and for what, 5 minutes creating it?! ๐Ÿ˜€




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