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Ecommerce WordPress Theme Gets New Updates

We’ve just updated our Ecommerce WordPress Theme with three great new additions, based on customer feedback.

Here are the three feature additions:

  • Automatic Image Resizing for Product Thumbnails — You no longer have to mess with custom fields to do product thumbnails. Simply upload your product photo and insert it in your post and the theme will automatically generate the home page thumbnail image.
  • Blog – You could always blog with the theme. But many of our customers wanted to be able to “have a separate blog.” The home page product thumbnails made that a little hard. So now we a separate integrated blog that you can post in the bottom feature area, or with its own Blog Index Page Template. All you do is select a category to segregate those posts out and viola!
  • Easy Color Selector — The theme includes six pre-built color styles and now they are selectable with one theme file from the WordPress Dashboard, so you don’t have to upload six different theme files to choose from.

Preview the Ecommerce WordPress Theme here and get purchase information here

Here are some of the existing features that you might have missed:

  • Ecommerce Plugin Styling Included – It’s ready for the Ecommerce Plugin so you can manage your storefront from WP (see plugin styling demo)
  • Dropdown menu navigation - With dropdown menus, you can create multiple pages and subpages for a robust, content-rich site
  • Search Engine Optimized - As with all our themes, the Ecommerce Theme is optimized for the best results in the search engines.

Preview the Ecommerce WordPress Theme here and get purchase information here




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