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The End of “My theme is broken” Issues

There has been a flood of forum threads and e-mails to support recently about purchased themes being broken out of the box. This is a new development that has cropped up in time-stifling numbers, so this is to solve these issues. By following these steps, the issue should go away, and (if read before purchasing) should eliminate the issue from ever occurring with very rare exceptions.

First, and most importantly, read the FAQ, including http://ithemes.com/frequently-asked-questions/#04 You must have a Linux-based host.

Once you have acquired a hosting package, use Fantastico in your host’s cPanel to install WordPress to eliminate file permission errors that will occur with 90% certainty using a manual installation. If you did not use Fantastico to install WP, then this may be a helpful resource from the WordPress site.

Use FireFTP, FileZilla, SmartFTP, or other program (http://ithemes.com/ftp-demystified-how-to-get-files-up-there/) or use the WP Easy Uploader plugin created by our very own Chris Jean to install the theme and any plugins you want.

Do not move any folders/files out of the theme’s folder. Some of the themes include a Plugin folder, but those do NOT go in the wp-content/plugins folder. Moving them will break the theme.

Now, I realize that those first two steps are very preliminary in the site process, and many of you already have a site up. This is to say that if those steps were not used in the original process, there stands a good chance that you will encounter some file permission issues that you will either require more advanced knowledge to remedy or you will need to contact your host to get things squared away. If your host does not have cPanel, then we would highly recommend using one of our recommended hosts and save yourself hours of frustration on new projects.



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