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FlexxTheme Beta Released to Theme Club Customers

I almost made the headline read: “Why It Pays to Be a Theme Club Customer.”

Last night, we released a beta version of our first FlexxTheme, called FlexxArchitect, to our Theme Club customers, so they could take it for a test spin and try out the new features it’ll have, which include our new FlexxLayout technology that gives you over 1,000 possible layout combinations.

You simply pick and choose with a mouse click what you want and save it.

As I told people, you can create almost any kind of blog or site you want with this theme … from a simple landing page to a jam-packed blog layout with top and bottom feature areas, dual menus (for pages and categories) …

There are even two layout widths to choose from — 960 or 780 pixels.

And that’s just one of the big features we’ve packed into this theme. But I won’t spoil all the fun. Sometime next week, we’ll be launching the official release version to the world and you’ll get to see all the features we’ve put into this mega blog theme.

Of course, if you want to take the beta for a test spin right now …. you can always get our Theme Club. :)



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