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FlexxTheme is Here: Introducing the Most Powerful, But Easy to Use Blog Theme Ever

Sample Real Estate Site in Flexx

Sample Real Estate Site in Flexx

Sample Band site in Flexx

Sample Gamers site in Flexx

Sample Wine Site in Flexx

Sample Wine Site in Flexx

Sample Military Site in Flexx

Sample Military Site in Flexx

A couple months ago, our team had the idea for a mega WordPress theme that would make it easy on the user (you), while also giving the user the most options possible. We wanted to give bloggers a theme that they could tweak without having to touch code.

Our concept was a truly powerful, flexible theme that would take two months to develop … and today, we’re finally unveiling our baby, FlexxTheme.

Check out these quick video screencasts demonstrating the FlexxLayout and making graphical changes easily.

Here’s some of the awesome things you can do with FlexxTheme, aka standard features:

1,056 possible layout combinations - Pick and choose your unique layout with a mouse click! This is the backbone and workhorse of this unique theme. With the FlexxLayout technology we’ve created, you can build almost any kind of WP site you want, from simple landing pages to complex blog sites. Your blog can truly grow with this theme. Start with a simple two column layout when you’re blog is just getting off the ground, then add sidebars and feature areas as your blog increases in content, readership and advertising.

Rotating header images – Most of our themes now have a Flash-like rotating images script, so does Flexx! Easily upload your new images through the FlexxTheme tab, and click save.

Color Styles – This first series comes in two pre-built color styles (Bold and Canvas), but it has a rockin’ feature that lets you easily upload new background images (setting every different combo with it) and setting the color through a Photoshop-like color picker.

Contact Form Page Template - Although there are great free WordPress contact forms out there, we decided to build a Page Template that doesn’t require extra uploading and plugins. All you do is create a WP Page and set the Contact Form Page Template and click Publish.

Menu Builder – Pick and choose what Pages you want in the menu navigation, including subpages.

Search Engine Optimization – As with all our themes, we’ve built it to get you the best exposure in the search engines, and include a SEO panel to tweak some basic settings.


FlexxTheme is available for $79.95 for single-use packages.

Developer’s and Multi-Use Packages will regularly be $249.95, but are also offered at a special one-week only discount for $199.95.

Click here for Purchase Details


We’ve built a demo site with the maxed out FlexxTheme layout, incorporating all the elements in the layout system we’ve created.

Here are screenshots of some other possibilities too!


The FlexxTheme was sent to you Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008 … if you have not received the download link, please contact us and we will get it to you ASAP.



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