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Wanted: Your WordPress Plugin Ideas

We’re looking to build and release an open source (read: free) WordPress plugin in the next month or so and are looking for ideas to help WP users.

We’ve been wanting to give back to the WordPress community in a meaningful way and we’ve always believed that the best way we could do that is by creating a plugin that adds functionality to WP … meaning we want to build a plugin that solves a problem, remedies a frustration and helps you use WordPress faster, more efficiently or more effectively.

There are tons of great, awesome plugins in the WP repository. There are some outstanding plugins that do a WHOLE lot of stuff. What we’re wanting is something simple (that we can build fast and get it out to you) that enhances your experience with WP.

So … give us your ideas here in the comments so we can get started!


  1. Hi,

    I would really like to see an “Expired Post” plugin ! In fact, I would even be ready to pay for it ! 😀

    A plugin that adds the ability to add a date that your posts expire, and to display that date. Expired posts do not display in your blog after they expire. However, they are not deleted from the database. The posts shouldn’t be displayed on the site anymore at least we type the exact url.

    This way, the post would still be available for search engines and that doesn’t affect your SEO in any way.

    Note :
    A similar plugin was available here (http://wunder-ful.com/wordpress-plugins) but the plugin is no longer being developed and is no more compatible with the latest wp version.

    Thanks !

  2. This is much like how Joomla handles dated material for expiration which I use to run our corporate CMS. This would make a great addition to WP and even allow it to be a solid store front where you could advertise daily or weekly specials (sound familiar guys for your new Flexx theme special??). I would add that if this is used in a widget or sidebar then there should be a default post to take it’s place so as not to leave a “hole”. Could also be used to announce the end of the special.

    Another Joomla-like feature would be to set the start and ending dates! Then you could set up your specials in advance.


  3. A few people have asked me if I could expand one of my plugins, but it would be better as a stand alone plugin.

    What they have asked for is the ability to add fields to the comments form. Presumably there would need to be options for each individual post as well as global options.

  4. Ping.fm (http://ping.fm) is a social networking site that allows you to send updates and microblogs to multiple social networking sites all at once.

    There are dozens of plugins that allow you to post Tweets, Plurks, Facebook and other updates on your site, but none for Ping.fm.

    I’m thinking something similar to Twitter Tools by Alex King, do a blog post, nightly recap, and a sidebar. Ajax would be awesome!

  5. With so many people now using WordPress as a static site, including myself, I would love an easy to use plugin that would let me get rid of the ‘Comments’ feature in WordPress from either selected pages or posts or from the site as a whole.

    I like the idea of an expired post plugin, as well.

    Thanks for offering this opportunity to post our suggestions!


  6. The Popularity Contest plugin no longer works with the most recent versions of WP – I’d love to see another plugin to determine and list most popular posts and possibly expand on the functionality of the old plugin, such as being able to limit lists by category.

  7. Typepad has a “Publish later” feature that allows you to select the date and time when posts will publish. I’d love to be able to go into the WP admin area, write a week’s worth of posts, and have them “release” on a daily basis, or per scheduled post dates. Please tell me you can write such a plugin for WordPress. Thanks so much. Cory and the team at iThemes, you ROCK!!!

  8. I would love to see you guys build a plugin displays different content during certain time windows. So, for example, our church streams our services live. From 9:00 to 1:00 on Sundays, I would like the plugin to replace the code of the standard video with the code for our live streaming feed.

    I posted to the ithemes forums the code I wrote to allow different videos to be shown on separate pages/posts from the standard featured video in the theme admit (bChurch). But I can’t figure out how to have it automatically change the video code to stream our live services.



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