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FlexxTheme: Professonal Blog Version Released for Business Pros

We just released a new version of our FlexxTheme, the mega blog theme we launched last month, called FlexxTheme Professional!

We amped it up with …

  • new rich and bold colors (green and blue) for the widget headers and navigational menu,
  • increased the header height, and
  • injected some cool illustrations

FlexxTheme Professional is a great blogging theme for CEOs, small business owners, real estate agents, media consultants, web designers or graphic artists, and anyone else who wants to start a professional looking blog.

It keeps all the awesome features of the original FlexxTheme too!

So check out the demo or go ahead and purchase the SINGLE-USE version for $79.95 or just get the whole FlexxTheme Series Multi-Use Package for a little more.



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