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2008 Theme Club Download Site

Due to overwhelming support to keep all of the 2008 Theme Club purchasers updated with our 20+ unique themes from last year, I created a member site for the 2008 Theme Club purchasers in parallel to the 2009 Theme Club. Here are the details of what is going on:

  • The site is open to anyone to see, but the downloads are locked down based on a user’s registration role.
  • Anyone can register on the site, which I will be notified of.
  • Purchases with out any common fraud characteristics received automatic logins last night
  • If you did not receive an e-mail yesterday with a login, you will need to register on the site and contact support@ithemes.com to get your account upgraded to access level. Once I have upgraded your login role, you will be able to see the download list.
  • When contacting support, you must provide:
    • Your proof of purchase (PayPal or GoogleCheckout e-mail receipt)
    • Your username or registered e-mail address so I can locate your login
  • The 2008 Club site does not include any of the themes produced in 2009, so please visit http://ithemes.com/2009-wordpress-theme-club/ for access to those themes’ member site.
  • I have included the latest version of the Featured Image rotator file in the site’s download list for anyone who experiences issues with their current copy of a theme but does not want to do a full upgrade to the theme.

Feedback from the current members of the site from last night’s e-mail system has been positive and confirming that we needed to provide this to you, as our valued customers. So, again, the steps are: register, contact support@ithemes.com with proof of purchase, and be patient for access. I try to maintain normal business hours, and you may see this late Friday or over the weekend. Requests without proof of purchase may be significantly delayed as I fulfill requests that have complete information included.

Here is the site: http://2008club.ithemes.com



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