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How to Pick the Right WordPress Theme

One of the most frequent questions we get from prospective customers is “How do I pick the right theme for me?”

Here are some things to think about when picking your theme …

1. Taste

Very simply, this is what your ultimate selection will probably come down to — your own likes and tastes.

So, what kinds of sites do you like? What kind of “look” are you wanting for in your website or blog?

We tried to offer a diverse set of themes with different color styles, niches and sizes so you can pick and choose the one you like best.

Check out our WordPress Theme store page to see the most popular themes we offer.

2. Goals and Objectives

Make sure whatever theme you pick fits you and your site goals and objectives.

Your website should DO something for you. It should have a stated purpose. And your theme should help you accomplish that.

3. Content

What kind of content are you wanting to post on your website or blog?

If you’re just wanting a simple site, go with one of our narrow width themes like Essence (popular) or Cubicle. If you need more room to be able to display products and services and other items, you might pick a wider theme like iCompany (popular)or Tech.

If you want to read more creating a business website, check out our guide on How to Use WordPress to Run Your Business Website.

If you’re looking for a blog theme, look no further than FlexxTheme (very popular). It’s our mega blog theme with over 1,000 possible layout combinations and tons of features for bloggers, like Billboard, our advertising management plugin.

Here’s some other resources to help you make the best purchase decision possible:


    • I’m not sure I understand exactly what it is that you want for an Amazon store site. Are you simply wanting to link to products using Amazon affiliate links? If so, then any theme will work for you.

      I should mention that a lot has changed since this post was created. Now almost all of our development goes into the Builder theme. Currently there are 33 different designs that you can chose from. The core Builder features allow you to change the layout to meet your specific needs, so the layout is never limited by the design.

  1. I have learned a couple other things to look for when choosing a great theme.
    1. Level of customization needed to get the design look and functions you want. Can you do it or will you need a developer. Think ten steps ahead on this.
    2. How well is it doing responsive? Go to the showcase, find a live website still using the theme and pull it up on your smartphone. How does it look?
    3. Check the page speed of one of the live sites in GTMetrix.com or a similar tool.
    4. Take time to look through the support forum threads, response time and interactions. Do several of the tutorial overviews and see if it is a fit for you.
    I’m still testing Builder Theme. It’s looking promising. I realize that responsive aspect has been recently added. I’d like to see a site designed with Responsive Builder. So far the ones I’ve seen need nicer menus.



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