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When You Need Help Customizing Your WordPress Theme

This is a follow-up post to the previous How to Pick the Right WordPress Theme

Admittedly, templates, like the WordPress themes we produce, aren’t for everybody. Some people have needs that go beyond a pre-designed solution.

Often, we like to describe iThemes as a do-it-yourself hardware store, like the Home Depot of web design.

We provide a high-quality template with some great features that allow you to easily personalize it for your particular need. What we’ve done is take out a lot of the time and hassle of developing a site from the ground up. But we’ve also designed our templates for maximum use by the majority of people. And because of that, it won’t meet everyone’s individual needs.

So here are some questions to ask yourself to know when you might need advanced customization outside of what our templates offer “out of the box.”

1. How much do you know about WordPress?

WordPress is simply free online software that allows you to create and manage your site online. But if you’ve never used online software like WordPress or another content management system, you might not understand how it all works and thus how using one of our themes will function.

Thus, we’ve provided an in-depth, free video library of WordPress tutorials to help you get acquainted with how it works.

2 What are your specific site needs and can it be easily accomplished with our templates?

Before you purchase a theme, take some time to figure out what exactly you want to do with your website, what goals and purposes you want for your site. Then take those goals and peruse our comprehensive offering of WordPress themes to see what would fit you and your goals best.

We also have another tutorial post on How to Pick the Right Theme for You here.

3. If you want to radically customize the theme you want, do you have the experience to do it yourself?

The final question is perhaps one of the most important before buying. If you want to do changes to the themes that would required editing the CSS, HTML or WordPress code, you should ask yourself, “Do I have the experience to do it confidently?”

Whenever a customer asks about adjusting the width or moving certain features from one place to another, we always ask what level of coding skill they have. Because when you start moving HTML items and changing features it can have negative effects on the theme itself — like breaking a feature or causing it to not display properly in different web browsers.

Thus, if in doubt, we always suggest using a freelance WordPress developer, and have included a list of potential help here.

Even if you have to use a freelancer to help you get your site going, it still beats the cost of a custom web design project.




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