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Three Testimonials from Our Customers

From time to time, in emails, and on our support forum, we hear some great encouragement from our customers. And hey, let’s face it … just like you, we like to hear positive feedback from happy customers. And just like any business, we get negative ones too. But we try our hardest to make it right, clarify, or remedy the situation.

So today, we’ve posted three recent quotes below from customers, who, without incentive, sent us these comments or posted them on their own websites.

Maybe we posted these for our own edification, but we also thought you’d like to hear from our customers too!


“Thanks very much for your replies, and for getting that taken care of, particularly on a Sunday! Again, I appreciate all of your hard work in creating a great company with great products. Having spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on custom web design projects in years past that never got off the ground, I spent nearly 6 months researching the best, most efficient and cost effective way to build professional websites myself, and you guys receive all of the credit for making me a believer in WordPress as a business class CMS. While I’m not a tech expert by any means, it appears me that your truly making a difference and changing the industry with your products and service. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to many years of success with iThemes products!” -Scott A. Patrick

“…We use the WordPress platform to build business websites. Originally started as blogging software it allows us to not only build websites but it is a built in Content Management System, allowing clients or Raise Interactive to easily update the site. It is a fantastic program that is also Open Source, allowing people to use the platform for free.  It encourages a number of independent developers to make plugins and tools that they distribute, often for free.

On this platform we utilize a number of WordPress Themes from iThemes.com.  We experimented with several free themes or templates and they just don’t do the job. The iThemes themes are very flexible and customizable, they look great and they have been very stable.  They allow us to cut hours of time off a website design which significantly lowers the price for our clients.  And to give you an idea, this site was built using the Architect Theme from iThemes.” -David Camma


“Of course many WordPress themes are available for free, and I seldom personally endorse products or services here anyway, so I have not previously mentioned my great satisfaction with FlexxTheme WordPress themes available at iThemes.com. I bought two single-use packages, Flexx Bold and Flexx Canvas (upon which you are viewing this blog right now.) They have been adding theme variations and recently offered more in Multiple-Use Package, but really got my attention with upgrades to these themes just yesterday.

I practically had money to burn in the past – and once would have bought each upgrade without as second thought – but now that I read books before buying and think about fixing my own boots – I wrote to iThemes last night and asked for a break. I told them what I had purchased previously, and what I had hoped to acquire, and asked if they could give me a break. -Jim MacMillan

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