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Internet Explorer 6 and WordPress Themes

In our support forum, there was a discussion about use of Internet Explorer 6 web browser, and I thought doing a post on it would be helpful for all to understand the situation of this browser.

Nathan made this quote that nails the HUGE issues this browser has: “IE6 is an ancient browser that follows hardly any standards set past 1999 for web development.”

If you didn’t realize it, we’re in 2009.

Our internal disdain for IE6 is a regular subject here. If you do web searches, you’ll see we aren’t alone in our hatred for this browser. There are even websites setup to display the worldwide disgust for this browser. Designers and developers all over the web have nightmares about it because of the grief it causes with otherwise rock-solid themes and websites.

One of our moderators, Ronald, also linked to these browser stats to show that IE6 isn’t the dominant browser that I thought is worth taking a look at. With Windows Vista, IE6 is most assuredly on its way out.

In the meantime, we’d love to do is encourage use of more stable, standards-compliant browsers like FireFox — my personal favorite. It’s such a better browsing environment — with tons of add-ons and features.

Although we currently code and support our themes for use in IE6, IE7, FireFox, and Safari, at some point, we’ll be phasing out support for IE6 altogether. But we realize that a lot of our customers are also web developers who have clients who STILL use this browser, so we’re still committed to fixing theme bugs as it relates to IE6.

Please note that that means supporting the theme as we’ve built it … not modifications you may do to the theme (HTML and CSS tweaks) that can invariably cause the theme to break in browsers like IE6.


  1. Hey Cory, after yesterday’s messages on IE6 (again) on the forum it haunted me a bit as well, and I was just planning to write an article on the subject. Will let you know.



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