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Growing Better – That’s What’s Happening!

We’ve received a number of questions about what’s going on with iThemes from customers and the general WordPress community … so let me take a moment and just let you know – from the horse’s mouth.

First, let me say …. iThemes is still kicking strong.

We respect and appreciate our customers who have gotten us here. We are deeply committed to the products and goodwill we’ve built with iThemes. In short, we love what we do!

For as long as I can see or forecast, iThemes will continue to be a creator and innovator of WordPress themes – focusing specifically on CMS and Business themes as we’ve consistently done since we opened the doors in January 2008.

I’ve heard WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg say on numerous occasions that the “WordPress-as-a-CMS niche is the fastest growing one in WordPress.”

Look through our theme inventory and see for yourself. Check out our WordPress as a CMS resource site too. As of this writing, the companion ebook has over 17,000 downloads!

This is how I got started using WordPress …. this is where I’ll continue to lead this business.

But overall, theme development and innovation at iThemes has always been our priority.

That goal has never changed.

So far this year, we’ve released the following themes:

Our goal has always been to release at least 2 new high-quality themes a month. With the latest theme releases, we’re getting back on that track fast.


Although many people think iThemes is a solo venture and sometimes mistakenly equate iThemes with me personally – it’s truly not. Except for the first 5 months of our existence, iThemes has ALWAYS been a TEAM endeavor.

To date, we have 9 people involved in the entire business (both iThemes and our new WebDesign.com venture). Although we all have different duties and assignments, we are a team. Each of us is talented and passionate in unique areas, but we are better together.

Besides myself, I want to introduce you to the people involved at iThemes regularly and currently:

Chris Jean – Code Ninja and Resident Anime Fan

Chris has been with iThemes almost a year now. He is the chief innovator of some of the most awesome features and themes we’ve released to date, including FlexxTheme’s backend, the Billboard plugin, and hopefully to be released soon – Project Fuji. I’ve worked side-by-side with Chris for the last 12 months and have enjoyed getting to know him more and more. He is a brilliant and creative coder who has worn a number of hats for us, all with a great attitude and spirit. I’m amazed at the work he continually produces for us and his commitment to our team. And the BEST is yet to come!

Ronald van Weerd – Support Forum Moderator Extraordinaire

Ronald came to iThemes first as a customer. But we quickly noticed he was extremely helpful on the forum for other customers and we eventually invited him to join our team full-time. He is headquartered in the Netherlands and we lean on him heavily as our first-contact for customer suppport. Although he’s thousands of miles from our office and we’ve never met him in person, we hope to do so soon as we cherish and respect his work on our team.

James Dalman – Vice President and Martial Arts Expert

James has been at iThemes for over a year now. He’s held a number of roles with us including chief designer (bSocial, Titanium, Flexx, Life are just a sampling of his personal theme designs), but has transitioned recently to become our vice president and is speerheading our WebDesign.com effort. Although he’s currently focusing on our new venture, he’s made and will continue to make significant contributions to our overall business.

Others …

There are a number of other people involved with our business as we continue to use a freelance designers and developers to meet the needs of our customers. Most of these people work behind-the-scenes with our team to help us develop the very best WordPress themes on the market.

Some Staff Changes ….

Developer Nathan Rice is no longer with iThemes. We wish him the best in his endeavors.

What all this means for you and iThemes…

I suspect the only thing you will notice is how things continue to get better here. New themes will continue to roll out with the same great features and standards you’ve come to expect from iThemes.

In fact, our newest themes – Yukon and Jenks – were developed by WordPress guru Michael Pollock, who we’ve contracted to help us in the interim. (And actually, he also coded Ardmore, Bravo and Charlie themes released earlier this summer). Additionally, we already have a couple of designers working on the next theme designs.

In-house, you can continue to expect Ronald to provide the very best support in our forums and Chris will be continuing to assist in theme innovation and rollout.

We are looking for a full-time WordPress developer to join our Oklahoma City team as soon as possible. But things will continue to run smoothly until we find the right fit for our team and most importantly, our customers.

ALL THIS TO SAY … We’re rolling and gaining momentum again! We’re motivated and focused. The best is yet to come from iThemes! Stay tuned!




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