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FlexxTheme Goes Feminine

Several of our customers have asked for more “feminine” or “girly” themes … so we asked our great new designer Melissa to develop a couple new versions of our popular FlexxTheme out and here’s the first three that should be released in the next week or so.





  1. Thanks Benjamin! We’re trying to hit this niche and frequent customer request, but it’s always hard when someone says, “We want a business theme, or more ‘girly’ themes.” What does that mean exactly? :)

  2. For me it means themes with soft pastel palettes. Think pale pink or fuschia, lavendar or lilac, light teal or turquoise.

    In my opinion Flexx Craft, Elegant, and Victoria are spot on.

    If you could develop a theme (using some of the colors above) that’s geared toward book websites that would be great. I have several book sites where overwhelmingly most of my visitors are women. If you could develop a theme like this which makes it easy to insert and align book cover photos (along with prices) in the sidebar that would be fantastic.


  3. Yay for girlie themes! Although I really like the sensation theme as well, these are nice options. Perhaps another option that would be great is something in soft but more neutral tones as opposed to pastels-earth toned greens, beiges/browns, soft blues, greys, with the more feminine fonts?
    Thanks again for the choices!

  4. Sophie, you can change colors in the CSS stylesheet, as with all our themes.

    Christina, as you know, you can easily change the background color with the Flexx Background Settings option.

    Great input – please keep it coming.



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