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Customer Testimonial: Essence Great Theme for Small Businesses

From time to time we get a client who volunteers to say something on our website after they’ve used one of our themes. Andy Black recently purchased Essence, and asked if he could write an excerpt sharing his experience with the world of WordPress and iThemes.

We said yes, of course!


“I don’t specialize in building websites, and I don’t want to.  I help small businesses to grow by getting them more sales leads.  Doing this via a website requires that the site has the right content and a professional look in order to convert visitors into sales.

Using WordPress makes it easy to update the website content, and using a good looking theme can supply the professional look and that all important wow factor that helps set you apart from your competition and help you convert visitors to sales.

I have been hunting for a good WordPress theme that I can use out of the box for small business clients of mine.  I bought the Essence theme as it looks fantastic yet generic enough to be suitable for many different types of businesses.

With the Essence theme I believe that iThemes have thought of the most important things that a business website needs, things such as:

  • The wow factor with rotating images on the home page.
  • A text based header that is good for SEO and easy to change for those of us who can’t create logos!
  • An area for phone number in the header.
  • A contact form straight out of the box.

As a small business owner myself, I hate using free (and some premium) themes that have insufficient documentation or support, and where the theme is difficult to set up out of the box.

At the time of writing, the Essence theme had over 3,000+ posts in the support forum for that theme alone, which shows it’s being used a lot and has a lot of support.  I can testify that I logged an issue on the forum to have it resolved within 2 hours.

The fix itself took me 10 seconds to perform and the person fixing it has over 4,000 posts so is obviously there for the long haul.

The documentation for the theme is outstanding, with video tutorials to guide you step by step, and there is plenty of support available in the forums too as already mentioned.

My business is knowledge based as well and I can see immediately that iThemes have a mission to capture and reuse the knowledge of all their customers for the benefit of their customers.

This makes me believe that there are no hidden extras of having to pay for additional support later on in their business model.

I bought the Essence theme 2 days ago and have already setup a business site for a client at www.argyllkitchens.co.uk.  My clients is over the moon with the professional look of the site, and I’m delighted I can create this initial first cut in only 2 days with minimum web design skills (and most of the time was spent messing with photos!).

I think the Essence theme is the best I’ve come across for small businesses and I’m looking forward to checking out a few more of the themes from iThemes.

–Andy Black
Owner, Digital Insight Limited



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