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The Next Blockbuster Theme from iThemes is Coming

We’ve heard you … you’ve loved FlexxTheme, but you want a TON of more layout options.

It’s coming!

Tenatively, we’re calling this new theme the Builder Theme from iThemes. Our code ninja Chris Jean and I give some teaser feature points about it in this short video. The beta version of the Builder Theme has been sent to our All Access Theme Package customers to get the first look and offer feedback. (Yes, you should be an All Access Pass customer to get good stuff FIRST!)


NEW! Check out this quick demo of the Builder Theme

Builder Theme Quick Demo from WebDesign.com on Vimeo.


  1. Looks great – any idea when the finished Builder will be available?

    BTW – “Builder” works for me as a name ’cause that’s what it does.

  2. Hey Guys, love the idea of multiple layouts and being able to use them on the same site. As you observed, we want to make different layouts for landing pages, opt-in pages, etc. It will make complex sites more functional. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. I’m a real fan of Flexx so when you added the extra templates for different pages and drop down sub-page menus I was very happy. Builder seems to take it to the next level and I can’t wait to give it a try. Would love to see support for SEO tweaking per page built in and close attention to SEO styling and layout optimization too. Great work guys.

  4. The Builder Theme should be called “Power Bulider”! And available asap. Thanks for your hard work in continuing to deliver ways that heplp us create professional websites with ease.

  5. I can’t wait to see the final Theme builder!

    I love Flexx, and this is a great extension of that them.

    Anyone interested in a Theme, should get both Flexx AND Theme builder.

    Great innovation as always from the guys at iThemes!

    -Christina Hills

  6. One hour later and Builder is set up with WishList Member. Will be using it to build my membership site – The Wizard Presents and during WishList certification.!!

    Take a peek – just installed and customized a bit

    This theme will be dynamite for a membership site!

    Cathy Perkins
    @WordPressWizard on Twitter

  7. Cathy, wow, that’s great … although, it’s a BETA version and we’re working out final details for the official release ready version soon. :)

    We’re using WishList Member on our WebDesign.com University site.

  8. Well, I am counting on the fact that the final Builder version will be available by January! No pressure or anything. :)

    Love this theme AND WishList! Have done many client WishList sites and am finally doing my own.


    OK – I’ll let you off the January hook. I know it’s BETA and will deal with it.

  9. We are making the decision this week on a framework theme to use Flexx is in the running but Frugal is right there as well. We’d love to see Builder before making a final decision but are not in a position to buy first and ask questions later. Wish there was a way to guage this….

  10. Great that your ithemes team is ever innovative. But, I don’t see how to use Builder, without ALSO needing a good understanding of directly tweaking css files. I have tried using it for a full day, but, I find myself more confused than empowered. Two big issues for me (a non geeky, content focused person looking to create specific design for multiple pages/templates, for cms) How do I “control” or specify specific widgets for specific pages? AND, how do I specify style, eg font, text size, color, etc without having to code css files (I would like to do this from admin page)? Seems like if these two issues are handled in a user friendly and intuitive interface, then, Builder will (dare I say) topple the competition. If it is Only a frame builder, than, many folks like me won’t see this as a significant alternative.

  11. Builder rocks, I can’t wait to see the final release and what’s to come in the next 3-6 months for it.

    My only suggestion at this time (other than color and “stylized” theme options) for Builder is the ability to do more than the standard Flexx options for the “Content” area. I’d love to see a 4th column option so there’s 2 left, 1 main and 1 right or even 1 left, 1 main and 2 right.

    Keep up the great work guys, I’m super excited to see what’s coming next!

  12. My suggestion for a name “Theme Ninja” it’s not just the ordinary theme. Notice I did not say Ninja Theme. I will just have to have the wife mad at me for a little while and order it.

    I assume the control panel for the widgets let you choose which page widgets you want to edit?

  13. I’m a big fan of the Flexx theme, so will probably love this one, too! Thanks for making the effort to create themes that are great and easy to use, it takes the hassle out of making lovely websites for myself and clients.

  14. Hi Cory,

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Great innnovation by the leaders of theme creation!

    A request, please could you summarize the differences between FLEXX and BUILDER Themes – for people like Darryl (I know even less than him!!) Many Thanks.



  15. Flexx was built for the beginner blogger … to provide a great blog theme that had all the popular layout options we’ve been asked for and used as bloggers ourselves. We made the interface easy so that you could simply point and click your layout.

    Builder is a build-your-own-layout theme …. and really we’re thinking of it more as a platform and framework than your typical theme.

    All of our themes include multiple page templates … with Builder, there’s really no limit and breaks out of the page template model altogether where you can build layouts for almost anything … FAST.

    We’re working on some cool features right now that allow you to import and export the layouts you build, making it easy to build clients sites on a test domain.

    Another BIG feature of Builder is you can create widget areas easily in the layouts. You don’t have to worry about “registered widgets” with code as Builder does that for you. In fact, we joked about calling it the Widget Theme.

    In the next versions, we’ll be rolling easy CSS styles into it as well as some cool widget features that extend Builder even further.

    Hope that helps.

  16. Thanks Cory.

    I’m a frist time beginner – with no knowledge about CSS or PHP or any coding ….. I’ve played with WordPress, know it’s broad sections and LOVE IT.

    I need a website and a blogg with different layouts.

    What do you suggest, should I start with FLEXX or go straight with BUILDER.

    Many Thanks,


  17. The new theme seems pretty exciting from what I saw on your videos. I’ve got flexx and have enjoyed using it but it’s lacking one thing for me right now that I hope is in your new theme. A navigation area at the bottom of the site for links to things like site maps, legal blurbs, home, etc. I’m having a tough time with the flexx php — keep breaking my site so have resorted to putting one in the feature widget area (not the best option). Will this new theme have a feature like this? I’m crossing my fingers! THX!



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