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iThemes WordPress Theme Bootcamp Jan. 29-30 in Dallas

Join the iThemes Team For Two Action-Packed Days
As We Show You How To Use WordPress to Build Great Websites

iThemes WordPress Theme Bootcamp
Friday, Jan. 29 and Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010
Dallas, Texas

Over the past two years, we’ve be honored to provide quality WordPress themes to thousands of customers around the globe. But the one thing our customers have consistently asked for is training to help them build their own WordPress websites.

You’ve asked questions like ….

  • How do I customize my theme with CSS and graphics?
  • How do I setup and optimize WordPress?
  • How do WordPress themes work and how can I take them to the next level?
  • How can I leverage WordPress as a CMS?

So today we’re introducing the
inaugural iThemes WordPress Theme Bootcamp!

It’s an intense two-day workshop designed to help you build and customize WordPress themes for yourself or for your clients.

** This Small Workshop Is Limited To Only 50 People **
(including guests)
Registration Is First Come First Serve

Preview Webinar

On Jan. 29-30, 2010, myself and the iThemes Team will host our first live event for a small group of people to show the ins and outs of customizing WordPress themes and websites.

We’ll walk you through using WordPress and themes to build custom websites for your clients or for yourself …

We’ll also cover things like:

  • The keys and benefits to using WordPress as a CMS
  • How to install and optimize WordPress for search engine optimization and every day use
  • The best plugins to extend the power of WordPress
  • How to backup, restore and secure your WordPress sites
  • What WordPress theme files do and how they work
  • Graphic design tips and tricks to personalize your WP sites
  • Tips for customizing WordPress themes with CSS
  • Using the WordPress Widgets feature to finetune your sites for conversion
  • Practical marketing tips you can put to use for your clients and yourself


The best part is … since this will be a small event (remember, only 50 people) you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions AND get personal help along the way from the iThemes Team!

Here’s why I’m personally excited for the event …. we get to meet YOU!

As I’ve traveled to different WordPress events, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting many of our iThemes customers … but this time, we’ll have our own special party for you!

So be sure to register today and start making plans to be in Dallas with us Jan. 29-30, 2010.

The iThemes team and I look forward to meeting you.

–Cory Miller

Tenative Schedule

Sessions will be from 9 a.m. to 4-5 p.m. each day. This is a tentative ‘draft’ schedule and be tweaked by customer input. We want to provide a value-packed workshop. Thus some of the session topics and meeting times may get refined.

Registration – starts at 8:30
Session 1: Why WordPress and Using it as a CMS
Session 2: Installation and Optimization of WordPress
Session 3: How Themes Work
Session 4: Recommended Plugins and Best Practices
Session 5: Backing Up and Restoring WP
Session 6: Q&A

Session 1-3: Customizing Themes with CSS and Graphics
Session 4: Builder Theme Customization Tips
Session 5: Tips for Making Your Website the Hub of Your Marketing Efforts
Session 6: Q&A



WANT THE ITHEMES BOOTCAMP TO COME TO YOUR CITY? Make a comment below with your city request!

Can’t attend but want the recordings? Become a premium annual member of WebDesign.com

We’ll be posting the audio recordings to the WebDesign.com University after the Dallas Bootcamp. Get the Bootcamp PLUS all our courses for the next year by joining today!


  1. Cory,

    The event sounds awesome. Will there be any video recordings that will be available? I am not sure if I will be able to come yet.

  2. Would love to attend but unfortunately committed on those dates. Would be interested in video/audio from the event. How about something in Southern California?

  3. Hello,
    Would you please tell me approximately what time the event will end on the 30th. I’m trying to plan my flight home. Thank you.

  4. Alice, you need to know WordPress well enough to know where things are and at least know what we’re talking about when we say “CSS.” Other than that, we’re hoping to share extremely practical information on using WordPress and good themes to tweak your websites.

    I don’t want to scare away those who would find this type of training valuable, but at the same time I also want to make sure true newbies (relatively no web experience or knowledge) don’t attend and be totally lost.

    We’ll have our team there throughout the event to talk with during breaks, etc.

    Does that help?

  5. I live in Merrillville IN outside of Chicago we have a Radison Hotel out here in Merrillville where events like this (well not like this but you get the picture) happen all the time. I would love to have you guys out here and can think of some people who would benefit from this right away!

  6. Cory,

    If I’m already taking and have paid for the online training workshop with iThemes will this be a duplication of materials? I know being there in person is important but getting out of Iowa in the middle of winter can be risky :-)

  7. Please come to the San Francisco Bay Area! I know several colleagues who are WordPress fans, and we are ALL educating our clients on transferring their static sites to WordPress blogs/sites/CMS sites. Thanks!

  8. I need to start being more involved with this community… I love iThemes and I’ll start coming to the forum more often. It’s been months since I’ve been there. I’m going to my best to get there!

  9. It looks like it’s been too long. For some reason my old user name and password is not working at the new forum. My name is Chuck Jines and I have purchased one theme pack as well as the iNews theme. My old user name was Madcap…
    You don’t have to post the comment, just trying to get in contact with Cory. “-)

  10. Boot Camp City- Would love to see one in Detroit MI, Novi MI or Southfeild MI Boot Camp for the Michigan People. We are also close to Ohio for a Boot Camp.

  11. Cory,
    Would love to come to Dallas but my daughter will have a swim meet on that Saturday. Will recordings of this training be included in the training.ithemes.com university membership or will the topics be covered in other training available there?

  12. JP, yep! We’re going to post the Bootcamp audio and slides in the WebDesign.com University membership area afterward. So you get all kinds of value with that. :)

    Sorry you can’t make it but family comes first!



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