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Builder Theme Q&As

Because of the great buzz around it, we’ve gotten a TON of questions about our new Builder Theme, coming out Dec. 16. We’ve tried to answer as many questions as we can about it here.

Here is the Builder Theme demo webinar:

Note: Bookmark this and as we get new questions we’ll post them here for all to see.

Will it be included in the All Access Pass? ABSOLUTELY! All Access customers got to test out the Beta version FIRST.

Will Builder Theme be GPL? Yes, all our themes are GPL and as such are multiple use, meaning you can use them on as many personal and clients sites as you want.

Will the price go up after Dec. 16? Yes. If you watch our hour-long webinar where we talk about all the features and do some comparison shopping, you’ll see that at the presales price of $79.95, Builder Theme is a STEAL.

What about upgrades and updates? You will receive Builder Theme core updates and upgrades released during your membership year. When you buy any of our themes, they come with one year of support and upgrades.

What about CSS modifications? You can edit the CSS like any theme, but for the next version or two we’re looking at adding a Style Manager that allows easy, basic CSS editing from the theme options page.

What about rotating images? You can extend Builder Theme like WordPress with plugins. We have a rotating images plugin called Image Spotlight that will be released AFTER Builder Theme launch that can do this, but it is not ready for launch.

What will Builder Theme do to FlexxTheme? Flexx is still a great option for many people who want basic layout changes without a lot of extra work, although Builder Theme makes this remarkably fast. Flexx is a BLOG theme. Builder Theme is more than just a theme, it’s more like a framework and a platform for building websites and blogs on WordPress.

Can different pages be assigned specific header images? Yes, with the Image Module and editing Builder Layouts, you can do that easily within Builder (without code or FTP).

Is Builder Theme optimized for search engines? Yes, just like all of our themes, we build them for optimum visibility, but it’s up to you to write content!!!

What about plugin compatibility? There are over 7,000 WordPress plugins listed on the repository alone. We cannot guarantee compatibility with any plugin.

Will Builder Theme work with WPMU? It should but we cannot guarantee it. If someone has tested it, we’d love to hear about your experience.

How user-friendly is Builder for the website ‘newbie’? There will be some people who should choose a “static” theme in terms of layout. You want something pre-selected and don’t want to tinker at all. But for the newbie, we’ve tried to make the interface of Builder as easy as possible to create a custom layout for your WordPress site. The biggest place most newbies get tripped up on with using ANY WordPress theme is uploading and activating. So we think all in all, Builder is a great theme for a newbie as well, who wants to tinker with their layouts.

How does the performance of Builder compare to other themes? A detailed performance benchmark comparing Builder to Kubrick (default WordPress theme) and FlexxBold shows that Builder is slower than both but only by a small amount (typically around 10-25% slower). You can see the full benchmarking details here.

Is Builder 2.9 Compatible? Yes. As soon as the 2.9 beta was released, Builder had most of its development done on 2.9 to ensure compatibility with the upcoming version. In addition, Builder implements the thumbnail feature of 2.9. The Magazine Layout Style makes use of the post thumbnails.


“I enjoyed it as being a part of history! Really this Theme builder could be called the “Front Page” of web design. I go back to 1979 with computers (I am 64) and as a hobby started building those 2 KB machines that cost a fortune and were as large as dinosaurs! I started in 1992 doing web pages in HTML and did I learn alot then. Never went to school or was associated in a computer business – just an interest and hobby. Can’t wait until Wednesday the 16th when I get that email saying you can download it! It will be like Christmas early this year.” -Jim H.


  1. Hi Cory

    I ordered as soon as I saw this offer. Thanks!

    One word springs to mind…


    Kudos to your “SUPER CODER” Chris.

    Just one drawback as I can see…

    There’s TOO MUCH going on.

    Don’t get me wrong, the flexibilty of the Builder theme looks a absolute “god send”, but you may be in danger of “overkill”.

    I wish you all the very best with the launch.

    Ithemes “Builder” theme ROCKS!!

    Alan H

  2. Alan, it’s funny because a small percentage on each end say “overkill” and “undercooked” …. hilarious! But we’re working on a “building” a killer product so the most people can enjoy and use.

  3. Go iThemes go. Now I’ve watched the demo video I’m more convinced to buy. Great pre-sell and great value.

    5 questions

    1. SEO – will you build in title and meta tag editing etc so we don’t need extra SEO plugins?

    2. Will the in page styling be tweaked so H1 goes first and not H3 which I think happens in Flexx?

    3. With Flexx I can easily change the CSS to create the design I want. I often use the theme like a template to build sites from. Builder looks so much better at this but will Builder have the same ease of CSS manipulation?

    4. As Builder is aimed at website building, does it have a better way to handle the navigation of the number of pages often created in a website? At the moment it’s a huge list that can go on for pages in the admin area. Will this be tackled in Builder?

    5. Most important question, what happens after the first year is up? What will the cost of renewing be in order to receive the latest Builder updates?

    Thanks again.

    (Flexx fan!)

  4. WOW Ithemes!!!! I’m totally impressed with what I saw in the video. Looking forward to the release.

    I have a word press plugin idea. There are 1000’s of plug-ins but none I have found to work with the newer versions for allowing you to “Resize the content font and style” Change the font color without going into code and editing. Also allow you to set “Headings” in your content.

    Debbie Miller

  5. Has anyone tried it on MU? Any feedback? I’d like to pre-order but would like to make sure all the functionality works.

    I use MU to manage a few client installs.


  6. With Builder as your likely flagship product, will ithemes no longer be developing premium themes? In other words, is the itheme “plan” to focus on Builder development from here on out?

  7. Darryl, iThemes is a premium WordPress theme developer …. so we’ll be doing that for as long as I can see … but our hope is that Builder becomes our framework for rolling out great new designs fast — giving our customer community awesome tools to easily build beautiful websites/blogs with WordPress.



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