1. Can we section off (border) the widget areas. For example there with flex the content area flows into to widget area. With builder can we create away to section off our border widget areas?

  2. It may have already been mentioned, but will there be any type of tutorials (print or video) provided with the release on the 16th?

  3. Will the price be the same after the 16th?
    How tested is builder with plug-ins? Also, how is your styling different than WP Remix? With WP Remix I cannot use certain plug-ins (some which are essential for my site). For example, I cannot use “Theme Test Drive” plug-in with WP Remix to re-structure my site so I am left with closing the site down while retooling which I do not want to do.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Cory & Chris,

    Builder is looking great. Got a few questions:

    1. Can I use the theme on more than 1 domain?
    2. Will it cost more than $80 after the 16th?
    3. Can you add a full feature list to your site?

  5. Can specific widgets be “assigned” to specific pages. for example, page1 and page2 are using the same layout, with one widget area, can page1 be assigned widget1 and page2 be assigned widget2 ?

  6. Is it possible to have access to the style layout of Architect that you showed in this webinar?

    I already have FlexThemes, but have not got going with it. Now I know why. Builder is what I’ve been waiting for – it’s amazing! Fabulous thanks.

  7. I hope to use this on a 250-300 page site…any practical upper limits, either within builder or on our webhost, that we should be concerned about?

  8. Will Builder herald the end of ithemes selling themes? I can imagine that ithemes will now be developing Builder and, perhaps, creating a downloadable section of pre-made styles/themes just for Builder.

  9. 1 – Realistically, for a first-timer, would it be better to start with the Flexx theme, or dive (dangerously) into Builder, or get a Flexx theme as well as Builder and incorporate the Flexx CSS in Builder?

    2 – How are rotating images incorporated into Builder, specifically in the header?

    Thanks for your hard work and ingenuity –

  10. (In addition to an option to have or not have a header image)
    Can different pages be assigned specific header images?

  11. Is there an easy way to bring in a full design at once as apposed to building it one piece at a time?

    Currently can full background images be added via upload?

    Can the header, footer & site be fluid instead of fixed width only?

  12. Is Builder an “adjunct” to a theme? In other words, Does Builder work “with” a pre-existing theme, to add new page layouts and to modify css and style, or, is Builder a theme in and of itself, and does not work at all with other themes?

  13. It would be great to have a feature by feature comparison table between Builder and the “other” similar sounding products from other companies

  14. What about creating custom content – I always have to use Drupal developers to create catalog/image galleries for products that can be viewed in different ways, for example: 6 to a page or “view all.” Is that something builder will address or enable?

  15. A lot of the people I know would love to be able to do a sales page/landing page. I saw your landing page but can we change the border so there’s more white space? Or can we change the fonts, etc.? I know you’re in touch with what internet marketers are doing. So can we make these kinds of adjustments with Builder?

  16. I have a question:

    Will you marry me?

    This theme is *exactly* what I’m looking for, for my transition from to .org

    Applying different themes/views to selected posts/pages will allow the’ site within a site’ feel, and I hope you get filthy rich off this! Now, where’s my credit card…?

  17. Hi,

    I’m very interested in this theme for a review site, which has Adsense ads already on the page.

    How do integrate Adsense code from google into a builder page?


  18. I’m a newbie with GoDaddy Word Press Hosting. Just downloaded Builder. Where do I place the files from iTheme on my site (I’m using filezilla to upload via ftp). Thanks-



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