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Join iThemes Team for Live Show via uStream at 11 a.m. TODAY

The iThemes.com team will be doing our first live show via uStream at 11 a.m. Central Standard Time today (Dec. 22)!

We’re going to be talking about a couple of big things that you might be interested in …

  • iThemes Builder Themethe top 3 feature requests on our roadmap for the next versions and Child Themes that we’re working on to make it even “prettier”
  • WordPress Theme Bootcampalthough you’ll be getting access to the recordings from the Bootcamp, we’re going to talk about the content we’re presenting at it in Dallas Jan. 29-30
  • WebDesign.com we’ll be talking about some of the upcoming courses and notes about the University (that you’ve enjoyed as one of our first members!)
  • Questions and Answers — we’ll have a chatroom up and ready to help answer questions you might have about any of these or just to say “Merry Christmas!”

So be sure to join us for this live Christmas show here!


  1. 2 questions if you don’t mind.. hope you are watching this thread, as all my questions in your other broadcast thread are still awaiting moderation after days now….

    1. What is the process within builder to add in my own theme functions? For instance, my current theme gives me complete control over a featured article slider. I also have things like exact control over my excerpts legnth etc…
    Is it the same exact normal process of simply adding a custom-functions.php file to my child theme?
    2. What do you guys charge to port over a current theme to builder?

    your demo video’s are nice and all, but man you are really staying to far away from some of the more ‘advanced’ questions. Please consider getting much more detailed in your presentations, for those of us that are more ‘coders’ who would traditionally build our own theme functionality.

  2. @ shawn

    More advanced topics are coming. To start off with, we’re focusing on the simple topics since Builder is new and we need to ensure that people are on-board with the fundamental concepts before delving deeper. I’ve added a huge number of expansion options via hooks, Layout Styles, and functions.php. As I said in the live uStream today, we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of potential.

    Child themes can provide a functions.php file which is used in addition to the parent theme’s functions.php. This feature is used in the child theme we provide with Builder to latch JS file includes to the header; however, this is just an example of how such functionality can be used as it is essentially an extension of the functions.php file. A coder that knows how to make use of the functions.php file can make use of it in a child theme to add additional functionality on top of what Builder offers.

    Layout Styles also support a functions.php file, which means that you can create Layout-specific mini-themes complete with their own functions.php file. There is one primary difference between a child theme’s functions.php and a Layout Style’s child theme and that is the timing of execution. The child theme’s functions.php file is executed when the theme is first loaded (just after the setup_theme action). The Layout Style’s functions.php file is executed during the template_redirect action (I tried moving the execution call earlier but was unable to do so since the query vars for layout selection aren’t available any earlier).

    I hope that this gives you enough information to get started. I’m going to start working on advanced feature documentation soon, but it probably won’t start going up until a week or two from now.

  3. Please, someone re-shoot the webinar professionally and just keep each section simple, clear, to the point, with details of how to do stuff so a novice like me can follow.
    I just need the details, not the banter back and forth.


  4. Benedick, this was a live show to supplement what we do in our support forum (which is provide direct questions on our themes) and to allow us to be more personable with our customer community.

    This was our first shot at it … and we used the chat feature to answer questions as we could while also keeping it fun while also trying to stay on point.

    That’s who we are though … we’re a bunch of dorks doing something we love.

    If you’re looking for more polished on-point stuff, I’d suggest checking out our Webinars …




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