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iThemes BOOM! Widget

Here in the iThemes office, we have been working really hard on Builder to add new features and fix minor bugs. Every once and a while we need a break. Cory posted one way we keep our sanity as a team on CoryMiller.com.  When most people need a break, they eat popcorn or stare into space. When we need a break, we pretty much just do what we usually do, but with less consequence.  The iThemes BOOM! Widget is the product of me needing a break, and having some fun.

Here is the backstory:

Some of you may watch iThemesTV and know that around here, when someone says something exciting, we follow it up by saying “BOOM.”  Lame, I know… but we do.  It was in that spirit that I created this widget.  The iThemes BOOM! Widget does nothing more than add a BOOM graphic (which I think is beautiful by the way) anywhere you drag the widget.  You can use it in as many widget areas as you want (because I knew that would be an important feature to you).  Use the download link below, and BOOM away.

NOTE: Yes, this is really happening. No, you shouldn’t feel obligated to use this plugin. It was just for fun.

iThemes BOOM! Widget Downloads: 648 times



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