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Preview Video of our New WordPress Backup and Restore Plugin

Back in November, we had some serious server issues at iThemes. Through that experience we saw the great and pressing need to offer a solid and fully supported backup AND restore option for WordPress to our customer community.

Although you can easily export your content out of WordPress (and there are other WP backup solutions), it’s not easy to get the ENTIRE site, including widgets, themes, content, database information and plugins without a lot of steps and work.

BackupBuddy is our all-in-one solution for that.

If you’re a WordPress developer and build sites on a temporary domain (or playground site), then copy the site over to the live domain once everything has been finalized, BackupBuddy is going to be your best friend.

It is also a migration and restore solution for you.

Dustin Bolton, our lead developer for PluginBuddy, released the beta version to our All Access Theme Pass customers (as a special bonus and to get feedback) on Thursday. We’re fast shoring up some things to make it production ready and will be timing it with the launch of PluginBuddy and super excited because we think it solves some critical issues for our customer community.

Here’s a quick and dirty demo video of the beta release of BackupBuddy ….

Be sure to sign up for the launch email at PluginBuddy and also follow PluginBuddy on Twitter for the latest news.

Also, I wrote a comprehensive post on why we need a premium WordPress market on my personal blog.

BackupBuddy will be a premium plugin solution we offer through PluginBuddy. If you read the comments in my post, you’ll see the need is indeed great.

Just like we believe and have seen in the WordPress theme market, we believe you WANT to pay for for peace of mind that comes with a solid, trusted, regularly updated premium plugins backed by a team and business like iThemes.

I’m extremely excited about the launch of PluginBuddy to be able to offer through solutions to problems, like we think will happen with BackupBuddy.



  1. Cory, it would be very useful if the backup could be automated to occur daily and then emailed to the user.

    An existing plugin does this, it’s very handy, the flaw to most backup solutions is that we foolish humans forget to do them.

    Emailing the backup to get it off the server is also smart. Those features, combined with PluginBuddy easy restore, would be pretty killer.

  2. I agree with what has been said. It’s essential to have an offsite backup, since if your site goes down because the server went down, any backups that were on the server won’t do you any good if they are unaccessible. Being able to schedule a backup for a quiet time on the site is also good, you don’t want to have to “be there” to take backups, because you can always guarantee that if something is to go wrong, it will happen when you are away.



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