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iThemes Live On the Road – Nashville

Just cause they were traveling doesn’t mean they forgot about the viewers at home.

Cory and Matt live stream from their hotel in Nashville, TN to share the experience they had meeting up with some iThemes customers and why they’re in Nashville in the first place!


  1. Hey guys, I thoroughly enjoyed the meetup. Very productive and entertaining. It was great to meet you, Bryce and Wayne.

    I had a difficult time explaining why I was leaving to drive two hours on a Sunday afternoon to meet two guys I had only met in an “Internet chatroom” (my dramatic interpretation). I got some looks that made me think I had a third eye!

    Anyway keep up the good work! Anyone on the fence about becoming an iThemes customer, I can’t recommend these guys and their products enough. They are the real deal. Dalman isn’t a bad designer either 😉

    Brett Weaver

  2. The OK newspaper is a great example of wp at cms. Perhaps you guys might write a case study (Harvard Business School style) on how you guys approached your client and how the problem was defined, approached and solved. (might be less time consuming to video tape a more detailed chat about this, than writing it up). One quick question…chances are I misunderstood something…why did you both travel to TN to work on an OK website?
    Also, –perhaps for another video— what was the specific value of meeting your client face to face, relative to actually developing the website.?

  3. Darryl, hey, thanks …. that’d be a great case study and we’ll have to put it on our list. Maybe a webinar?

    We were both in Nashville helping the newspaper cover a meeting with and for them. We are doing a lot of video lately and of course social media and we basically helped them tweet meeting details and interview people via video.



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