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Flexx and Builder Differences

Many have asked about the differences between the FlexxTheme and Builder.

Both are awesome and both meet different needs.

So we made this video to help explain and demonstrate two of the major differences between these themes: layout and design. This video will only scratch the surface of what these themes are capable of doing but will give a good idea as to which is the best theme for you.

Here’s an overview video of Builder:

Here’s an overview video of FlexxTheme:


  1. Hello Everyone,

    I really like the comparison videos of Builder and Flexx as it effectively works to differentiate the two themes. I’ve been using Flexx for about a year now and I’ve come to really like it a lot. Flexx does a great job on many of the sites we do.

    Now after looking over all the demo and promo videos on Builder I can see how that theme could work even better for me on certain types of site that we do. So by having both of them we can have the best of both worlds and a highly effective combination of themes for a very affordable price.

    Thanks iThemes!
    Johno Messmer



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