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WordPress 3.0 Menus Demo Video on iThemes Builder

WordPress 3.0, scheduled for release in May, will add an exciting new menu feature to WordPress. This new feature allows for the quick and easy creation of multiple sets of menu navigation. In addition, each menu set can have a combination of page, category, and custom links. This is a great enhancement to WordPress and will give people much more control over their navigation.

I really wanted to try out this new feature to see how it would work with Builder, so I got the latest nightly build of WordPress (the menu code is only added to these nightly builds currently) and started playing around. Fortunately, adding support for this new feature was not difficult, so the 2.3.0 release of Builder added support for the new 3.0 menus.

The video shows how the new 3.0 menu system works and how Builder makes use of the new feature to offer more Navigation Module options.

The team at WooThemes produced this new feature for WordPress, so I want to give a big thank you to everyone on their team.

For more about the WordPress 3.0 release, read Menus, the Merge, and a Patch Sprint!.


  1. Hi Chris, for some reason, I don’t see the custom menu option in my theme. Is it possible I have a version that doesn’t have this? Do all builder theme versions have this? How would I be able to check it out? Should I have my web developer code it in?

    • The Navigation module’s options have changed a bit since this video was produced. Now, the dropdown should have two sections (assuming that your site has at least one created menu): Menus and Legacy Menu Types. The entries under Menus are the WordPress-created menus.

    • I just looked at the site that you linked to, and it is running Builder 2.4.9. This version is a bit outdated. I recommend upgrading your site to the latest version (currently 3.4.9).



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