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Get a BackupBuddy Product Tour

In this product tour, PluginBuddy lead developer Dustin Bolton explains the ins and outs of BackupBuddy, including tips on how and when you might backup your site, how to restore and migrate a site, and more.

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Cool Software, but I would suggest a progress bar to visually represent the backup process as people get antsy waiting for something that they don’t know when it’s gonna end


  2. On content and design — I second that proposal. On form of delivery, I suggest making a higher resolution video next time because even though I have a 22 inch screen I still have problems seeing all the small detail of the video instruction above…
    Overall, though, GREAT JOB! Keep it up!

  3. As a site developer this is a great tool! I love to be able to tell my clients that I have a full backup of their site in case something happens with their host/server. I just spent a few minutes going through the tutorial, but would love to have a step-by-step written document that explains how to restore and/or migrate the backup if and when it’s needed.

  4. I have been playing around with backup buddy,and I now think I have it working OK.
    The first 2 tries went wrong, but now my site is working.

    I was moving my domain and site to another server, it all went wrong to start with, but like i said now all ok.

    Such a cool tool, Thanks Guys for making such a good tool

    Steve Duval



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