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Great And Funny Customer Testimonial for iThemes Builder

I got a message from Callum MacLure, an iThemes Builder customer, recently and asked him if I could share it as we love hearing other people talk about our products naturally like he did. I also got a big kick from it!

Here is the testimonial from him:

When I recently found iThemes, I couldn’t write a single line of HTML and I thought CSS was a prefix for a US battleship. The fact that as a complete and utter novice I am now able to build my own websites – and recreate elements of other themes I have purchased, says a huge amount about what a fantastic, intuitive and easy to use product you and your team have both created and continue to develop. I am now able to build websites that previously I would have had to pay fairly significant amounts for – and would have had to continually pay for ongoing tweaks and changes.

I have been using and testing website building tools for many years now and have to say that Builder is by far the most innovative and novice-friendly tool I have ever seen. Please pass on my gratitude and congratulations for the achievements of your fantastic team!

Thanks again to you and Team iThemes for completely changing the scope of what I am able to achieve in both Web Design and its subsequent implementation. I’m actually a boring accountant – I wear pinstripe pajamas, I have a dog called “Abacus” and I sleep with a calculator under my pillow – so if I can create and build websites with Builder, then anyone on the planet can!

Warm regards from an avid iThemes supporter

–Callum MacLure


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