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Keeping Tabs: 7-Plus Links I’m Digging #1

Week after week I find myself with WAY too many Firefox browser tabs up with awesome content that’s helping me improve our business … and no place to really share it all.

My intent is to share tips, links and commentary on the things that can help you, your business, your website/blog and your marketing better. This is what I’m most passionate about and want to pass along what I’m learning.

Learn, grow and improve with me!

If you like them, I’ll do more of them ….


My Browser Tabs Plus Commentary

Personal Emails from Founders ARE Powerful

This NY Times articles reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs personally replies to emails several times a week. I found this via Good Experience blog post on the Value of Emailing.

In two years of running iThemes, I’ve found this to be true. Fast and responsive emails, especially from the person most passionate and invested in the business (often the founder, but love how are whole team is too) can build superfans.

I wrote about the Enduring Value of a Good Email List here. And being personal is about being human.

Using Game Theory to Design Better Software, Training, Products

Another great article by Mark Hurst at Good Experience on Why You Should Be Playing Games. It goes along with the reading I’ve been digesting in the classic book Flow.

I wrote about Flow and Optimal Experiences here.

How to Create a Company Blog That Customers Actually Want to Read

Great article by Mark Collier, who I only know through following him on Twitter, quoting Kathy Sierra but highlighting the point that your blog should be about a bigger cause and idea.

Reading the renowned Joel on Software’s take on why he’s quitting blogging was fascinating. If you want an awesome case study in building a business WITH a blog, read and take notes.

Build Community on Your Custom Domain with WordPress

Check out BuddyPress then! I met John James Jacoby, one of the lead developers of BuddyPress at SXSW in Austin recently and started reviewing the progress on BuddyPress. I have to say I’m excited about the possibilities. We’ve been working hard to emphasize community at iThemes and some of the elements with BP look delicious for that. I hope to have JJJ on a webinar very, very soon to talk about the ins and outs.

Check out the BuddyPress Showcase page for some incredible uses of it.

Make WordPress into an Even More Powerful CMS

… with PodsCMS WordPress plugin.

Chris Jean has been working with and talking to Scott Kingsley Clark, one of the core developers of Pods, since WordCamp Dallas. I’m very intrigued with this free GPL plugin. It can do so much by building custom content types. Scott’s getting married April 11 (congrats!) and we’re hoping to have him on a webinar very soon to talk about Pods.

In the meantime, check out these tutorials …

  1. An Overview of and Introduction to Pods CMS for WordPress
  2. Pods Basics: Installation and Setup
  3. Pods Basics: Pulling Pods Data to your Theme
  4. Pods UI: The Latest and Greatest Addition to Pods
  5. How to use Pick Columns (Relationships) in Pods
  6. The Last of the Pods Basics: Pagination and Sorting

Speaking of Scott’s work … check out his Search Engine plugin for WordPress.

This is One of Most Incredible Linkbait Content Graphics I’ve Seen

I never thought much of doing a graphic like this as linkbait and awesome content … but this one comes courtesy of Chris Jean on Overpriced Cables.

Must Read Blog for Small Business Owners: Small Biz Trends

I’ve been a big fan of Anita Campbell’s Small Biz Trends blog for a long time. Here are a sampling of some recent posts I’ve loved …


  1. The JJJ webinar is a great idea. There’s a small market of buddypress premium child theme developers, who’ve tried to establish brand recognition early, but almost no good educational material outside of some WP.tv stuff on building buddypress template pages and themes.

    I anticipate that BuddyPress will grow fairly rapidly in popularity after WP3.0 received broad distribution, after an advanced points system is implemented, and after building non-stock BP themes becomes easier (through better documentation and training) or more (good) themes are available for people who want more hassle-free solutions. I’d love to see the Ithemes team lead the way on this.




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