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ServerBuddy: Check Hosting Quality, Security Issues, More

Our latest free WordPress plugin, ServerBuddy, is a plugin that tests server configuration to analyze the quality of your hosting & server configuration, and seek out problems with compatibility with various WordPress themes and plugins. Additionally it provides easy to understand explanations of various server settings and generates reports and samples of what to ask your hosting provider if a problem is found with any server configuration that needs fixed.

ServerBuddy is a great solution for both users of themes & plugins, developers, and hosting administrators. With it, users can quickly determine compatibility with plugins and even quickly email reports (with the click of a button) to developers or technical support for quick and trouble-free reporting of their hosting environment and WordPress configuration to aid in debugging and assistance.

Another key feature of ServerBuddy is Security Testing. ServerBuddy will analyze the file permissions of key WordPress files to ascertain whether they are secured properly against intrusions from other users on the same server as you. A recent security flaw at Network Solutions hosting opened up many WordPress users to hackers on shared hosting because their file security was incorrectly configured. You can use ServerBuddy to verify key files to help avoid this situation. Other general security tests are performed and many more are in the works, including tools to allow you to automatically address any problems found.

ServerBuddy is designed to be extremely powerful but still provide information in an easy to understand way for even a novice. Developers of themes and plugins for WordPress may soon submit definition files for ServerBuddy to allow users to test that a theme or plugin has compatibility with their server. We have added a few popular plugins to the initial list for developers to see how the plugin can work with them to enhance the overall experience for everyone.

Click here to download ServerBuddy.


  1. Hey there, I’m really excited to use this. I’m a little concerned that the “File Permissions for /wp-admin/index.php” and “admin username exists” checks might be fubar, though.

    I checked on two different web hosts ant they both give me a fail, even though permissions on the file are 644 and no admin username exists on either WordPress installation. Any thoughts?

  2. Tried it just now. Very nice and informative.

    Two issues I noticed:

    1. On general security check there is text “ERROR: UNKNOWN CUSTOM FUNCTION: zip” between Run Test and Email Report buttons.

    2. For file permissions some of my files show up as failed, when they have more secure permissions than plugin recommends. For example I have 420 on /wp-admin/index.php while plugins says 644.

  3. Getting this error message when I install and activate.

    “Call to undefined function: memory_get_peak_usage() in …serveraddress/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/serverbuddy-by-pluginbuddy/serverbuddy.php on line 408

  4. Hm, so it was actually display error with permissions on wp-admin.

    Now it shows that I have to change it from 755 to 644… But setting it to 644 kills my admin area into 404 error. You sure about that setting?

  5. What a great idea for a plugin. Thank you.

    I got a message ‘File Permissions for /wp-admin/ (644 needed)’ but when I do that (instead of 755) I cannot access anything in the admin. Just confirming what others have reported.

    Thank you



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