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How to Get Current Time and Date Easily Using Google

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We do a lot of live shows and online webinar training where we often have to translate what time it is for our customers in different time zones across the world.

If you have an international business, you know how frustrating this can be for you and your clients.

For example, we’re in Central Time Zone … so naturally we do all our online events based on that. But typically, someone from the east or west coast or Australia (and even one time in Egypt) will ask what time for them that is.

I just found that you can get the current time in any location using Google.

Simply type in: “time [location]”

For example, we’re in Oklahoma City. So you would search “time Oklahoma city” ….

Hope this helps you!

[ Find out what time and date it is for iThemes here ]

Found via 10 simple Google search tricks


  1. You can also type: weather CITY (If you just start typing in the google search box “weather Oklaho” and before you even finish you’ll see the next five days in a drop down “suggestion are”. This way you’ll know the weather when you get to Oklahoma City for the Builder Bootcamp this weekend.

    You can use google as a calculator. Just type in the equation and Google will spit out the answer. You can discover how much money you will save by spending a weekend with the iThemes crew.

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