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Get Our WordPress Plugins for One Price: New Developer Suite

Due to popular request, we’ve rolled out our new PluginBuddy Developer Suite … an all-in-one plugin combo package.

The Developer Suite is a kind of Plugin Club in that you get all access and support to all our current plugins AND all the plugins we roll out in your membership year.

Here are some of the benefits of getting the Developer Suite

  • Save money – Get all PluginBuddy premium plugins for one price
  • One year of support and upgrades
  • Developer Plans for all plugins – Get automatic upgrades on unlimited sites
  • Any new PluginBuddy plugin released during your membership year

Current Plugins Included:

Yes, Current PluginBuddy Customer Can Upgrade!

If you’re a current PluginBuddy customer, you can upgrade to the Developer Suite for the price difference in your original purchases. Just contact our sales team to arrange payment.


  1. I just want to say that migrating a site from a development server to the real working server is RIDICULOUSLY easy using Backup Buddy! Even the simplest site generally takes me an hour and I just learned how to use Backup Buddy and transfered a relatively complex site in less than that.

    Next time, when I don’t need to learn how to use it, it will take 10 minutes tops – seriously spectacular product.



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